Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things that bothering me today and maybe forever?

I mean what can I say about Rev PM Manning that hasn't been already
said? Sat Maharaj put it so well
in his statement
on launching of Holi on Sunday (Why I read
the papers since its so depressing, I dunno) But even Anand Ramlogan
had a more "nicer" point of view. (My finger hurts having cut it opening some bills
today, therefore the writing is more atrocious than usual, see?) IN the
end I agree with Sat. Manning you persecute the Indians and other
inoritie sin this country and now claim YOU and your PENTECOSTALS are
being "persecuted"?!

Anyhoo, what's the big deal? The big deal is WASA says there is no
water, yet EVERYWHERE you turn there's water gushing out of some pipe,
fire hydrant, leaking pothole except from the water coming out of
politicians mouths these days (I'm looking at you Hunt) But I digress.
SO its becoming glaringly OBVIOUS that we wouldn't HAVE a water problem
if the supply was A. consistent, B. managed properly and C. NOT LEAKING
LIKE A SIEVE! WASA, What the fuck is your problem? You ask US to "Not
wash dishes from a running pipe but use the dirty water in the basin
trick" and of all things "Wash you dog in the same basin!" LOL C'mon
get real!! Why don't you spend the money you're using to ADVERTISE
"water conservation" and do you're OWN conserving by fixing all the
leaks!? Do as I say not as I do eh?

Oh, speaking of leaks. Here are a few that people posted up on TV6's
ureport forum. I stole a few just to show that we have LOTS of water. .
. it just not going where it supposed to. Wait? That's the PROMENADE
with the SPRINKLERS ON? ha boy, you tink it easy?

Geez-a-ages! And you wonder why I don't have my sanity?

I hope the Pena woman getting a nice church, does look like a big
spread! Don't forget Trini's YOU PAYING FOR IT! (Check this scene
from Full Metal Jacket: We are the recruits and Pile is the PNM

The community in Gunapo should be glad, like the
villagers in poor Ghandi Village, who staged burning tire protest after
burning tire protest, they FINALLY got a section of their road paved!
Maybe Ghandi Village should apply to open a born again Christian
church, then maybe they can get some other things, like PROPER WATER!

Sometimes you just want to give the government of this country a GIANT
FUCK YOU. They not only deserve it, they LOOKING FOR IT!

so. . .

How did we reach here? Were we sleeping? Were we so drunk and happy
during the 80's and nineties that we let the devil slip in in the guise
of holy men for our leaders? They always say you've got to sleep in the
bed you've made, but the unfair thing is, I DON'T THINK I REMEMBER
We've got to do something and do it soon!
NOTE (All the FUCK YOU WASA, PNM, MANNING, HUNT etc were removed by the
author. "Brevity is the soul of wit")

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