Saturday, March 20, 2010

So much to talk about, so little time. . .

I mean this thing is moving faster than a freight train. There's the NAPA issue. Like two ships firing at each other in the old pirate movies as they pass they tear up each other! Added to this situation is the COP who have sat down on their laurels for far too long, even after proving that there is a connection between Sunway and Calder Hart/UDECOTT and the can of worms that that opened up, they have attempted some lame "protest" to "view the white elephant that might be NAPA."

COP who you foolin? Before you go and bring some Malaysian police officer to prove without a shadow of a doubt that those documents real, you running into a fight between a giant battleship that is called HMS (Her Massive Self) Marlene and the S.S (Sad Sack) Victor et Al. Doh be jumping on anyone band wagon to get publicity.

The COP "claim" that they applied for permission from the Ministry to view NAPA and the Ministry has stated that they would have gotten back to them with the permission, although it was a few days from now, and would have been a probable PR stunt only showing what the COP wouldn't want to see (i.e the defects et al.) So the COP not really using its brain, or maybe using too much of it, because Middle Class, Knife and Forks love to think too much, went running like Don Quixoite at the windmills, without really waiting on said approvals.

What was achieved? Nothing really. The COP could have gotten their approvals, went in officially, did the PR thing, take some pictures and MAYBE discover something that the SS Victor was talking about. But NOOOOOO, the allure of the press was more important to the COP (since they are irrelevant now anyway and need the press to keep in the public eye!)
Anyway it just shows that the NAPA isn't "the people's space" its really just for the PM and PNM flunkies like the "Divine Echoes." Who really fool up the COP into thinking they could pull a coup like the Malaysian documents on NAPA? HMS Marlene was ready for that, obviously! Doh be going into someone else fight. . .

Now onto the PM and his "81 year old man fight." You've all seen the video I posted up recently, no I didn't do it, a friend of mine did it and was nice enough to give my blog some "advertisement", he's quite talented, and fast! Well it turns out Mr Manning "claims" the poor old guy is a Canadian. I point you to the terrible online Trinidad Express article here. In it Mr Manning says "It turns out, Madam Deputy Speaker, that the 81-year-old gentleman is a resident of Winnipeg, Canada." and Tattoo in the corner, like the court jester he is, mouths "He (the old man) don’t live here,’" Well of course shorty, isnt that what the PM just said? But Roodal Moonilal was quick to point out "he (the old man) could be a resident of Tokyo, if he is there and occupying there (the house) in whatever legal capacity and he tells you ’please don’t come in my property and you are trespassing, to go’." Well said Moons. So the PM's trying to tell us that he knew the man wasn't a Trini even before he entered the man's gate!? The PM is not only suffering from delusions of grandeur, he's really got the God complex! "I used my psychic powers bestowed on me by my Spiritual Advisor, to sense that this man is not a Trini and therefore irrelevant!"

That's where we've reached!
You know who also thought he had these same powers?


We've been in deep shit for a while and we're now tasting it, because we're up to our nose holes with it. Does it smell nice to you?
Want to get out of it? Vote. Get registered and vote. Don't fucking complain when you don't vote and the Government screw you over. . . just doh vote for these jokers ever again!

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