Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lifehacks - making your life easier.

If you enjoyed my previous entry on how to make money with a Sports Almanac and a De Lorean, you'd like this one even better! This infographic gives you the best ways to "hack your life" and make it easier. If you enjoy this post, click the like button and let everyone know!

Click HERE to to read the full thing. Infographic via Geekologie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why going back in time won't make you money on a sure bet.

So you got yourself a time machine and a copy of a Sports Almanac from 1950-2010 (in T&T it would be a Cricket Almanac but these days you don't need to bet on the West Indies, you KNOW what the outcome's going to be anyway. :)) But if you DO have an American football Almanac and you DID go back through time. . . lol not as sure as you'd think. Check out the info-graphic below.

The McFly Scheme: Time Travel Sports Betting

Source: Time Travel Sports Betting

Now I have a counter idea. Why travel back to 1950? Just travel back a year to the previous season, bet and put the winnings in a bank account. If you do that 5-6 times going back 5 years and betting bigger amounts. You would have an account already open in the future with the winnings.

Hmmm something to think about?

Maybe the whole time paradox thing might come into play here. . .
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