Friday, March 26, 2010

Why'd the chicken vote in T&T?

Ah go tell you why I stuck on this voting ting. Its the only thing that we can do as citizens to be heard, I mean seriously heard. Not like going cap in hand to your "representatives" office at specific times during the day to complain about how yuh neighbour stinking up the place wit he chicken farm or something! I mean a real message, a final message of defiance:

"We do not want you anymore."

"Go away"

One X.


If you vote for one party because you think that they "will win anyway" you'se an asshole. So you play on the team that goin to win anyway? What de fuck, so was de point playing if Latas and Yorke going to win it all by theyself, you doh have a contribution?!

That is the attitude that have we where we is. So we have a "First past the post system" So fucking what? Dey go find someway of working out the system to keep they-selves in power, Chavez doing it everyday right next door and he chicken coops smelling rawtid.

But we still have the chance to vote!

Lemme put it another way if it have 10 people who always go to KFC. KFC will make ten sales right? but if them 10 people tell you to come and you go they have 11 sales right? Now if 10 people choose to go Royal Castle, because they fries better, and the one man leave the 10 at KFC and go Royal Castle wouldn't KFC LOSE one sale? NOW Suppose Royal Castle had a big time promotion (like KFC) and encourage 10 MORE people to buy from them, who never bought KFC OR Royal Castle b4, you don't think that now you have 21 people giving Royal Castle the upper hand?

Of course you don't see it, because you thinking too much! If you've never voted then you cannot give Royal Castle the sales right?? Likewise the 10 people ALWAYS going to KFC will STILL vote KFC regardless of whether the fucking thing have rat hair on it or something, BUT if 10 people each get ONE person to vote for Royal Castle you will have 20 people voting plus the one who change sides. . . you see what I'm getting at?

You have no fucking clue. But that's alright, I may be talking shite and you don't understand fried chicken or something.

But please. DO encourage you and your friends to get registered and lets vote these fuckers out!

For the good of our country eh?

You don't want to live here too?

Now stop thinking and go do something!

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