Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This war thing. . .

Make no mistake that the Prime Minsters call for "War" against the local contractors is a secret code! This is a message to his OWN party. "Take up arms against those who are against you" This is a situation that is spiraling out of control. Is war he want? Is war he going and get, because for too long have we sat under the yoke of Emperor manning, Its time to fight back, not with violence and hatred. No with actions that move underground, a guerrilla war, that will undercut his power from below. . . only YOU can remove the PNM and ensure a safe productive society for you and your children and THEIR children!

Get registered. VOTE. Doesn't matter for who! Because when you vote AGAINST the PNM you send them a message.


We're going to war people!

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