Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pulling bull over people's eyes

I don't care whether Manning is bluffing about this election. I really couldn't give a fuck. What I DO care about is this fucked up opposition getting its act together. IN my last post I spoke about "possibilities" and out of 3 possible outcomes Manning and his cronies come out on top in two! You could disagree and write and say, Deep, yuh talkin shit, but hey, that's your right, as is mine to say, "fuck you" Its a free world. What I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that 500,000 people voting in an electorate of over 1 million REGISTERED voters, is unacceptable!


I cannot believe we're that apathetic. You know what? It starts right there in the schools. Yeah, our mis-education, pushing the "sheep follow the herd" mentality. Doh worry about your life boy, CEPEP will take care of you, just be happy wit yuh ten days!

Fuck off

Its time to start doing, stop thinking what a terrible situation the PNM have us in and start doing. I challenge EVERYONE of my readers (and there are a lot! because DeepThought knows all!) to make it their PERSONAL crusade to get ONE person to vote in the next election, whenever it is.



The PNM takes granny tantie, who can't even walk, to the election booth EVERY Election and then re-deposits her back into the graveyard they call a "home" only to see her again, maybe five years later, "god willing" to vote again! Who you tink she will vote for?

"Dem PNM boys and girls nice eh, they take meh for a drive today!"

Allyuh ain't see what going on? Between the small church mentality of going in secret packs to vote, egged on by the pressure of the pastor, who watching every single one of his flock, and judging them based on their allegiance to God by voting Manning and the CEPEP workers who have no choice, or lose that nice Health Insurance plan as a result of being fired if they don't sign a paper saying they voted for the PNM. Yes that's going on oui. I know ONE supervisor in South who had to keep a register of ALL CEPEP workers in her charge, who went to the convention last Saturday. They ALL had to sign before they went on the PTSC bus to Chaguramas! You think this is a "good clean" fight?

Not with the millions at stake in this country! The PNM and Manning NOT giving that up for nothing! I know ONE individual who gave up his job to work in San Fernando East SPECIFICALLY to work with the PNM as an "Advertising advisor" how much MONEY you think he getting with that ONE client? YOUR MONEY! Yes that's right OUR money! Every time we submit a TD-1 form that tax we pay goes straight to the PNM. And lets not forget the secret funders of the PNM, the face of which is Gary the Cunt and people like him! Not to mention the "drug dealers" Manning so open he big shit mout and let cat out of bag about.

But I digress.

The ONLY way to get rid of the PNM is to get the OTHER 500,000 registered and non-registered voters to vote. Get them to stop saying shit like "Was the point? dem going to win anyway in my cuntstituency. . ."

So you live in a "safe seat?" So fucking what? You know how to make seats "unsafe" You fucking get everyone to vote for someone else silly people! It has happened BEFORE in 1986 and it happened AGAIN in 1995! It will HAPPEN again!

What you think the PNM people not fed up too? But you can't rely on them to vote out their own bread and butter, so you have to show them yourself!

Get you and a friend registered and make a lime and GO VOTE!

Now stop thinking and start doing!

BTW Happy Shouter Baptist Liberation Day!

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