Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well thank God Trevor Sayers lost his deposit.

Remind me to tell you all how I know this man. But not now, now let's look at the intital results.

PNM Strongholds remain PNM strongholds . PNM "tillah Dead" Point Fortin surprised me actually. I'll have to look at the official EBC numbers but from what I gathered from the news, its been a close call. San Fernando was a surprise, but more surprising was that Diego Martin went PP. I feel the PP would have gotten more in POS had the COP been given a chance to run there. Just my thoughts on the matter. (NOT Trevor Sayers mind you) I really DO believe that man's going up caused a SIGNIFICANT number of COP people to stay away from voting. As I had said before the GE: low voter turn out means that strongholds remain strongholds. In this case the PNM voters ACTUALLY stayed away from voting. This could be one reason for the wins in Tunapuna and Diego Martin.

Just a thought.

Now as usual I am calling on the Government to START the process to reform both the Constitution (as promised) AND as a result Local Government. Remember this will be all for naught if the system remains as it is, it just shows that the UNC would rather keep the status quo under the guise of "Power to the People" and go along happily.

I would NOT really want a repeat of 1990 thank you very much. This time this PP Government needs to be in it for the long haul and the PNM needs to come out of the 18th century slave master mentality and evolve or die.

I'll speak further on the LGE when I get the results. Till then, keep your ears on the ground and listen for the thunder.

Oh and I'm going to be writing about the 1990 coup just to let you all know why the PP needs to be careful. Stay tuned for that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's see how far the rabbit hole goes

Today is voting day for the LGE.

Go out and vote for the councillor who YOU think will best do the job and ALWAYS be vigilant, the system that's in place for the LG, definitely NEEDS reform. Push for that and push for constitutional reform!

This is the only way we can see a better T&T!

Stop thinking and go do!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Death. . .

"Be not proud, for some have called thee mighty. . ."

Prize goes to anyone who can name the poem and the author! But on to more serious matters. A big hullabaloo has emerged in the past week over the resumption of the death penalty. Jack, started it, as Jack seems to be the leader of the "loose ships sink ships" society, the other is:

I rest my case. But moving to the matter of death. I say kill them all. That's the ONLY way to rid this country of the menace of gang warfare! Kill those sons of bitches they deserve to fucking die. I mean how can you chop up someone and throw them away like garbage?! I mean WHAT THE FUCK! Kill em, hang em high!

We got justice when we hung Dole Chadee and his gang! They deserved it! The misery that they wrought, the families are still suffering to this day because of those evil men! Thank God when they were hanged the hangman said he'd need years of therapy to get over what he did. God bless the witnesses who saw the shit spill from their bowels as in the momenet of asphixiation their muscles relaxed. I spit in the face of you Dole Chadee and your family, some who were young enough to be in school, who murdered in cold blood, how do you like it at the age of 18 you're struggling to breathe as the stench of shit, piss and sweat assails your nostrils but you can't take a breath? I say it GOOD FOR YOU! Die fucking pig. You've murdered and raped your last.

We'll turn your house into a rehab center for the drug addicts YOU caused by the peddling of drugs that created smaller little gangs all over. We destroyed your empire when you were the emperor and you contorlled the gangs all over the country. No longer would people look up to you, but look at your grave and say, he was a bad man for organising all those gangs and making his money off ill gotten gains. Millions from corrupt practices and creating a community and a network the country has never seen, and will never see again.

For now the little boys who's fathers you paid and made rich, now kill their own to fill the vacuum of the power that has disappeared. Its civil war in the streets of T&T. 10 years of it and more. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. The barbarians who were kept in check seized the oppurtunity, and the massacre began. Fuck those innocents in the way.


Meanwhile the families STILL suffer. They go to bed at night weeping missing their loved ones and have to contend with the bloodlust of a nation hell bent on killing anyone who scares them shitless.

Fear controls and dictates. Fear turns to desperation when we cannot find an answer. The clocks ticking down and we haven't finished the exam yet. We just give up and do some killing in the name.

That will solve everything.

Do you know where a gang member comes from?

And who's a gang member?

Something to think about.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jack Warner and Roger Joseph Made a deal

I got this today in an email. . . I think the PP has duped us. . .

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Absence

I'm sorry readers if you haven't heard from me in a while. The ol' arhritis and rheumatism is back with a vengence! :P Just a short note to say that I have been observing the hustings for the LGE and I have become VERY disgusted. 1. The UNC have put back the SAME people in their hardcore areas to run, this is turning off voters who were looking for meaningful change. Remember the guy I told you about in my last post? Well, he's running again. The COP had to FIGHT to get ANY seats in the LGE and the UNC STILL believes their canidates can win in certain areas of the country over a COP candidate. Haven't they learned that THAT doesn't work? I have never SEEN a LGE being fought as a GE but all the postings and press ads and news items are showing that the UNC intend on taking all the seats away from the PNM. Where I agree that in the case of the LGE the PNM losing ALL its seats is to be wished for, it does not provide fro good governance, for you see, we NEED the PNM. Just as light needs dark to shine, the PNM is needed to oppose the People's Partnership. However in the LGE situation, once your PNM councillor wins, will he be able to do the job effectively?

Not likely.

And lets not even START talking about the MASSIVE corruption that will happen on the LGE level AFTER this election. . .


COP, you've all gone insane. . . imagine if he WINS!?

Sigh. I'm going back into my hole for a while and see what happens next. However I DO still encourage you to go out and vote. In THIS case if you think the COUNCILLOR has done the work he or she was supposed to do for the last 15-20 years on the Local Government Level, then by all means. . . do what needs to be done. If not, STILL do what needs to be done, if you can, put someone else.

There may be a message. After.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cracks in the wall

So here's the deal. Our Prime Minister, a month into her office, has decided to put us into another election. Ok, so LGEs have been long in coming, but I think it could have waited a few more months. The simplest explanation, and I am by no means a political analyst, is that the PM is trying to do what Patos did, try to catch the Opposition off guard. What she has done, however, is expose the seedy underbelly of the People's Partnership. The whole "Jobs for the Boys" attitude that I spoke about in my last post, is the axel that this wheel is running on.

To secure the UNC's strength as a viable party, the PM hopes to win ALL of the seats against the PNM in the local constituencies. Where in a NORMAL scenario this might make sense, the People's Partnership is by no means "normal."

We have the COP and the other "orbiting" parties that come into play. TOP is out of this one as they have to fight THA elections POSSIBLY in 2012. So in the end the UNC is faced with the question: What do we do with these little COP people who feel they bigger than they are?

The Answer? Bury them.

I have heard from a reliable source that the UNC officials organising the LGE this time around have firstly failed to show for meetings with the COP and others and have, when meeting, maintained that "We don't need you anymore, we will fight LGE on our own against any member you put up." Discussions are still happening but as f the writing of this post, the UNC wants 80-90% of the councils and the COP can have the rest (the PNM held areas like POS etc)

Like the PM putting Jack in the Co-Pilot's chair, the LGE is signaling the UNC's intention NOT to use this as an opportunity for growth, but as an opportunity for greed. Its an unholy mess. The UNC internally cannot exist without Warner AND with Kamla's popularity running out of gas as time moves on, the UNC NEEDS the other members  of the coalition just as much as they need them.

However the whole greedy nature of the UNC people have started to come through. They won, Patos is out, screw you COP and NJACK and MSJ people, WE IN CHARGE.

PNM style nepotism all over again.

I had a chance to meet the Councillor for a council on the east west corridor, I will not name names. But he's renting an apartment below his house and he ONLY managed to build these apartments because he's been "skimming" off the top for little things here and there from infrastructural developments in the area he's in. He had told me that the back of the house wasn't finished because he needed to wait to see what new projects are in the pipeline in the area so he can "get some more things to finish up." You believe this corruption?? He's been in there since the UNC was in power! Are we going to put another one like him in!? Now mind you he's a nice guy and he DOES do a lot for his community, his area is clean and relatively developed as far as East-West corridor places are "developed" so can you really fault the man for taking a little thing here or there to fix himself up?

I think stealing is stealing. That's what I think.

The UNC doesn't want the "new politics" peddled by the COP on the Local level because:


Under the PNM the UNC people had to survive SOMEHOW because yes this business of Government is just that. . . a BUSINESS and this is how they did it. The whole thing blew up in their faces when the "Sheriff" (who himself was a councillor steeped in the same corruption) put the whole stinking mess on the news with his "gun toting" antics and HE was labeled the "Best Minister!" Go figure.

The PNM is right, the darn LG NEEDS reform, the whole bloddy system needs reform! You think that's going to happen if the People's Partnership starts to crack internally because some small minded greedy individuals want to keep the status quo?

This is the beginning of the end. Where does it stop? when does the wheel of corruption grind to a halt?

Maybe never.

I guess we DO get the Governments we deserve.

We fight on.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jack In the Box

I was going to call this "Jack Warner" but that's boring. The Jack's sprung and all those who warned us about the bogey man called "Jack" are "tut-tutting" and saying, "We told you so."

I am speaking about the appointment of Jack over Winston Dookeran as acting PM, by Kamla. "But DeepThought. . ." you say "What's the big deal?" The "big deal" is that the coalition is in the early stages of cracking.

I hate to admit it, but Patos was right. The PNM was right, I predict by the end of the year if maybe later, we will be going back to the polls.

Why would I say this?

Two things. Firstly the Government is 30+ days into its term and 30 days into its much touted on the Platform "120 days of immediate action." I have waited and not said anything up until now, but what is apparent to me, AND to a lot of other people is that the coalition is suffering from a simple disease. "Rudderlessness." Kamla has the people on her side, but that's slowly fading, all the running around beautifying things is to show she "cares" BUT so far things on the policy front seem quite grim. Jack Warner's appointment is only the last straw that has got me writing again. Why in heaven's name would you put the ONE man that has such a cloud of conspiracy and corruption, in charge of the country while you are away? "New Politics" my ass, you just replaced Lenny Saith with Jack Warner. Its a sign of "giving jobs to the boys" You fucked it up Kamla. Jack already is at loggerheads with the Integrity Commission, has a pall around him so think you can't see the nose on his own face, and HE'S LEADING THE COUNTRY!? This is not a fete. This is madness.

Giving Dookeran the acting PM job is a SYMBOL. You remember the symbols of the campaign Kamla? By putting Dooks you signal to the people that you TRUST him and the COP to be EQUAL partners! He is MORE than qualified! If he had turned it down I can understand, but at this point you pull a Patos and didn't consult, you just DID it, or SEEMED to have done it without "consulting." Was this the "deal" you struck during the internal elections and the GE? That once you won Jack will be the right hand man forever?!

Fuck Dooks you say, Jack is more suited.

I say Fuck YOU Kamla. You did shit. MONUMENTAL Shit.

The second thing is leading off from the first. A rudderless gov't is the result of the whole "Job for the boys thing" seen in the appointment of Jack. For example, one such "job for the boys" appointment was Minister of the People, Mr Glen Ramhadarsing. He has not a CLUE what he's doing. That "Ministry of the People" is a PAPPY SHOW. Its only a matter of time before the people start burning tires. . . wait the squatters have done that already haven't they? Wait and see, mark my words, the burning of tires and all that coming RIGHT back to bun Ramhadahr in he ass. The man's on Facebook apparently and "frennen" ONE SETTA gyual (watch all the other UNC MPS eh, they doing it too, ONE setta young girl with "sexy pics") You think we stupid?

Get OFF YOUR ASS and do some work.

The ONLY people doing any stinking work is the COP people. Anil reopen Wallerfield for racing, good move, tour the Tarouba Stadium and basically LAID it out that Fellas, big steups, we broke in this Ministry you hear? Dooks already sound off, Treasury in a mess and we have PLENTY wok to do. All Jack could FUCKING do is open the PBR from 4am to 6am WHEN NOBODY ON THE FUCKING ROAD! This government start bad. I have more ranting to do. But suffice to say, we need to start making noise. I have one more post that will rock your world* related to this. Stay tuned.

a note on the picture. That particular "Jack-in-the-box" is under a recall since 2003. See more here. How appropriate! :)

*or at least make you go hmmmm
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