Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tragedy that is NAPA

Now all coming out. . . one of the things that the former head of UDECOTT boasted about in his "early retirement" speech was how proud he was of the National Academy of the Performing Arts. The building I call the bastard child of horrible rape of Queens Hall by the Sydney Opera house. And as predicted, while this monstrosity was being built. . .


But don't take my word for it, read the report from the stakeholders.

it right here

But isn't it just like us, sorry, I mean the PNM, to build GIANT things that are either unusable or under utilised (Mt Hope Medical Center is the NUMBER one EXAMPLE of this) Somehow the PNM has this idea that a BUILDING alone solves the problems. We have children dying from influenza, and common ailments in T&T, so they build a GIANT hospital that has all the latest CAT scanners etc (which never worked because someone get a cut) and our children are STILL dying from simple everyday curable diseases. Mt Hope was for a LONG time a failure, it still is, because only 30% is ACTUALLY in use. But I digress

You read the report. Its rather long (38 pages), but VERY detailed, and VERY heart breaking.

We built a building that no one can use. . .

How much did it cost us?

You children's future. and THEIR children's future.

They'll be paying for this LONG after we're gone.

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