Thursday, March 25, 2010

Percy Villafana - Hero

I mean what can I say?! The man's become a symbol over night! Not that I didn't predict this happening, but far be it for me to jump on the wave of popularity and claim that I had anything to do with it! Lol Well maybe a little. In the end the actions spoke louder than any words. This government must be brought down! There must be revolution but again Percy Villafana isn't the end, the PM's been trying to patch up holes left right and center and he MAY succeed. We cannot let him get back up. Now is the time to deal more blows. And I have more blows for allyuh! Doh fear! There is an investigation going on right now by concerned citezens into the St James Youth facility. Yes. Allyuh know where that is? Let me show you.

When you drive past you can see it on Long Circular Road heading East you can see it on the left.

Guess what? Its been building for the last 6 YEARS! By Chinese labour nonetheless. . . no one knows who's in charge of it. No one knows who designed it etc. Its been a treasury drain from day one and who's suffering? The people of Bournes Road and environs.

Its just like NAPA. It looks impressive on the outside, but a complete mess on the inside. But You will hear more about this as I get the facts together from my source!

Meanwhile, stop thinking and go do something.

Get Registered. Vote.

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