Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well slap me around and call me Mikela Panday!

SPOTTED: Mikela Panday in an Oropouche West protest!!

WAY! You KNOW what that mean?! She fraid for she political life! ALL dis time she ain't do nutting (see this) and now look what she doing, protesting for the poor residents who ain't et no water. She father on the back bench, he not in charge, she better do some work now or they get rid ah she FAS FAS FAS! Ah boy. . .

This country is the WORST! You cheer people like Mikela Panday who suddenly swoop down from Mount Olympus, or somewhere, and clap when she says "This is not about me its about the people"

Mikela, the Panday dynasty is dead. Be a lawyer before this politics thing make you ugly like your father! (and that would be a REAL tragedy!)

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