Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ACTT's Response to the Minister of Culture 30 March, 10

I am just putting this up to spread the word. This is ACTT's OFFICIAL response to Ms Marlene's McDonald's tirade against the members of ACTT. Please have a read and disseminate WITH the byline below.

5 Gulf View Drive, La Horquette Extension Road, Glencoe 1-868-797-0949


In the last 3 weeks the Minister and the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs has:
• been caught misleading the public over fraudulent consultations that did not take place;
• been caught engaging in a cover-up of multi-million dollar flaws in a badly conceived building;
• been caught attempting to silence a holder of our nation’s highest honour- the Trinity Cross from speaking at a public function;
• been caught attempting to manipulate the words and image of artists to perpetrate a seemingly fraudulent agenda on the nation whilst wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-payers money in this misleading ad campaign.
• All whilst the same Honourable Minister was sanctioned for her un-Ministerial conduct in dealing with stakeholders, Elders and citizens.

Despite being caught out in the slips on several occasions on all these counts, the Minister still continues to voop wildly. The Minister should meditate for a while and understand that the first words that should have come out her mouth- given the Ministry’s open debacle in the last 3 weeks- should have been: “I am sorry. I apologise for the mistakes of the past, let us work together and move forward.” This apology should first have been addressed to the Honourable Ms Pat Bishop who was wronged so venally. And for which the Minister has been castigated openly by many senior people in the nation.

The second apology should have been addressed to the artistic community for the betrayal of their dream for NAPA, which could have been a real masterpiece- if only the government had listened to stakeholders and not squandered $600 Million on a facility that nearly every senior artist in the diaspora has declared flawed. The third apology should have been to the nation for squandering their oil and gas wealth and not getting value for money.

Instead the Honourable Minister seems to be going mad right in front the entire population. The letter that the Minister refers to in her ramblings actually called for broad-based stakeholder consultation with the Minister, cultural stakeholders and communities. A message she obviously has not heard.


Now to deal quickly with all of the Minister’s ravings:

1. Not for the first time the Minister has tried to raise the laughable distraction that myself and my executive are in some way politically aligned. I will tell her exactly what I told Ms. Persard Bissessar- I am not interested in the PNM, I am not interested in the UNC, I am not interested in the COP. I am interested in representing my sector, the cultural sector. I am interested in something the Minister should read up about- it is called THE NATION OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. As for me having political ambitions and being a politician I have this to say- my Mother and Father raise me up too good for me to become one ah dat! The Artist Coalition is defending a sector that has been disrespected.

2. The Minister claims that the Artist Coalition is trying to stop the government’s Community Centre building program. Little does this Minister know that it was WE that lobbied government for the creation of this self-same Community Centre building programme- and in fact it was her government that fought against it for years. Community groups In Laventille and Morvant would recall me and my organisation battling with them for the building of a number of community centres in the area right through the late 90s and the 2000s- and the government shooting down all the dreams of the community.

3. The first betrayal of the people of Morvant, Beetham and Laventille by the government happened with the turning over of the massive PTSC depot over to VEMCOTT in 1999/2000. Dozens of community groups had battled for that site to have community Primary and Secondary Schools, a Sporting complex, a cultural centre and trade school all based on African and Trinidadian cultural principles which would have served the greater Laventille area.

4. The community groups then attempted to get the same facilities to be constructed in the abandoned Rum Bond building on Eastern Main Road. This was also betrayed. Then myself and the community turned our attentions to the abandoned Nestle building opposite the Spree Simon Centre. This was also betrayed. Government instead declared that this site would become a centre for vagrants. This proved to be the last straw for the community who grafittied the entire site with insults and- we also understood- issued some threats to members of government.

5. ACTT continues to say: A badly built building is worse than none at all. A building with the wrong specifications can destroy the very thing it is supposed to protect and facilitate. There are minimum specifications for the building of proper community centres and government’s centres fail the test.

6. Communities need to be intimately consulted on the needs of their community centres- a community centre in Matelot has different needs than one in San Juan and one in the Amerindian community in Arima. Consult with People. Respect their views and their lives. This failure to meaningfully consult and follow advice has led to numerous pretty and ugly sub-standard community centres across the land.

7. And finally we are pleased to inform the Honourable Minister that the ‘unknown’ called Rubadiri Victor and his ‘defunct organisation’- the Artists Coalition of Trinidad and Tobago- have just won the Commonwealth Grant for 2010 administered by the Commonwealth Foundation in London. She would recall that organisation was just here for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting… The Grant is to create an exhibition on The History of the Arts and Culture of Trinidad and Tobago- hopefully for display in the new National Museum soon to be re-opened.

So in closing I shall say this: The Artist Coalition of Trinidad and Tobago and myself will continue our defence of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, and in our representation of the sector with integrity. We will do so without fear or favour. We know already that thousands of artists and cultural workers stand with us- although many may now be doing so silently out of fear of victimisation. We also know that we do this on behalf of cultural ancestors whose Legacy we are battling for and whose sacrifice pays that Minister’s salary- ancestors whose work has given us everything beautiful that we know of ourselves as Trinbagonians.


Whether or not the present Minister remains in office we re-iterate our previous call:

1. An immediate freeze on work on the San Fernando NAPA

2. A discontinuation of the construction schedule of the John D Academy & the Savannah Carnival Centre

3. An immediate freeze also on community centre sites nationwide (which are not being built to minimum specifications or with community consultation and participation) which must be seen as incubator and feeder sites into these large national centres

4. This freeze must exist until a full expert analysis & inspection is done of NAPA on Princes Building grounds by stakeholders & experts. This analysis would allow lessons to be learnt & a rationalising of proper Academy specs throughout the national complexes

5. The re-instatement of Pat Bishop as Principal of the NAPAs so she can oversee the Legacy Restoration Project and

6. Finally stakeholders must have full inclusion in the planning of all other cultural facilities.
Rubadiri Victor, March 29th, 2010.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pulling bull over people's eyes

I don't care whether Manning is bluffing about this election. I really couldn't give a fuck. What I DO care about is this fucked up opposition getting its act together. IN my last post I spoke about "possibilities" and out of 3 possible outcomes Manning and his cronies come out on top in two! You could disagree and write and say, Deep, yuh talkin shit, but hey, that's your right, as is mine to say, "fuck you" Its a free world. What I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that 500,000 people voting in an electorate of over 1 million REGISTERED voters, is unacceptable!


I cannot believe we're that apathetic. You know what? It starts right there in the schools. Yeah, our mis-education, pushing the "sheep follow the herd" mentality. Doh worry about your life boy, CEPEP will take care of you, just be happy wit yuh ten days!

Fuck off

Its time to start doing, stop thinking what a terrible situation the PNM have us in and start doing. I challenge EVERYONE of my readers (and there are a lot! because DeepThought knows all!) to make it their PERSONAL crusade to get ONE person to vote in the next election, whenever it is.



The PNM takes granny tantie, who can't even walk, to the election booth EVERY Election and then re-deposits her back into the graveyard they call a "home" only to see her again, maybe five years later, "god willing" to vote again! Who you tink she will vote for?

"Dem PNM boys and girls nice eh, they take meh for a drive today!"

Allyuh ain't see what going on? Between the small church mentality of going in secret packs to vote, egged on by the pressure of the pastor, who watching every single one of his flock, and judging them based on their allegiance to God by voting Manning and the CEPEP workers who have no choice, or lose that nice Health Insurance plan as a result of being fired if they don't sign a paper saying they voted for the PNM. Yes that's going on oui. I know ONE supervisor in South who had to keep a register of ALL CEPEP workers in her charge, who went to the convention last Saturday. They ALL had to sign before they went on the PTSC bus to Chaguramas! You think this is a "good clean" fight?

Not with the millions at stake in this country! The PNM and Manning NOT giving that up for nothing! I know ONE individual who gave up his job to work in San Fernando East SPECIFICALLY to work with the PNM as an "Advertising advisor" how much MONEY you think he getting with that ONE client? YOUR MONEY! Yes that's right OUR money! Every time we submit a TD-1 form that tax we pay goes straight to the PNM. And lets not forget the secret funders of the PNM, the face of which is Gary the Cunt and people like him! Not to mention the "drug dealers" Manning so open he big shit mout and let cat out of bag about.

But I digress.

The ONLY way to get rid of the PNM is to get the OTHER 500,000 registered and non-registered voters to vote. Get them to stop saying shit like "Was the point? dem going to win anyway in my cuntstituency. . ."

So you live in a "safe seat?" So fucking what? You know how to make seats "unsafe" You fucking get everyone to vote for someone else silly people! It has happened BEFORE in 1986 and it happened AGAIN in 1995! It will HAPPEN again!

What you think the PNM people not fed up too? But you can't rely on them to vote out their own bread and butter, so you have to show them yourself!

Get you and a friend registered and make a lime and GO VOTE!

Now stop thinking and start doing!

BTW Happy Shouter Baptist Liberation Day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's blood in the water. . .

From the Trinidad Express story by Ria Taitt "Manning threw the cat among the pigeons, with his instruction to his party to begin the nomination process for the holding of a general election. The screening process is scheduled to begin on April 7 with the Political Leader’s San Fernando East constituency."

Kamla says bring it on.

Dookeraan's in India. . .

No doubt this will be a 1 on 1 fight that the COP has indicated and accommodation is probably best but what ever they have to do they now have to do it fast! Less haste and more speed though. The way I see it at this juncture is that Manning hasn't ACTUALLY called a date, so elections could happen at the time of 2012 for all we know. In fact he could just turn around and call local government, but as some people have said, this would be political suicide, so he's not going to do that.

But let's look at what the possibilities are, what the moves in the chess board could be?

Scenario A. Manning holds a "snap election" and the COP and UNC have some sort of loose arrangement where the UNC contest their 15 seats and COP contest against the PNM directly in the PNM strongholds. So lets say the COP wins half of the PNM's seats and the UNC the 15 that it holds (COP takes Tobago, which is HIGHLY dubious at this stage) So what happens next? Under "Panday-Robinson tactics" Kamla does NOT become PM but Dookeraan does. (Untenable for the UNC) In-fighting WILL occur, c'mon who doesn't want to be in charge in this banana republic? All fall down the UNC would "cross the floor" or something. Result: Back to the polls, COP is destroyed by the UNC and PNM and the UNC remain in opposition and the PNM gain power once again. Status Quo. Analysis: where the accommodation thing would work, the COP would NOT win that many seats this brings me to scenario B.

Scenario B. COP wins half of PNM seats, UNC retains its 15 and the PNM the rest. Now the COP becomes the 'lynch pin' in Parliament, like a check, a balance to the PNM and UNC's bickering. Voting or withholding votes as it sees fit. This is unprecedented. . . this has never happened as far as I know, and we may see the UNC or the PNM mashing it up once again. Result: Back to the polls BUT the COP remain, they split the vote since the UNC would not want to try this "accommodation thing" again, PNM wins their seats back, UNC remain with 15. Back to status Quo. Analysis: In my opinion we're getting closer to a better Government with a third untainted party in the middle, but our system cannot sustain such a scenario. It HAS to be an all out win for BOTH parties. A total route of the PNM.

Scenario C. COP and UNC create the UNCOP and fight all areas. the old UNC strongholds become question marks, the old UNC guard may not vote a "NEW" party and the COP supporters would probably not vote for Kamla in charge over Dookeran. This scenario in theory would work, but it depends entirely up to the UNC supporters to treat the COP with the respect it "deserves." and vice-versa. What needs to happen is another "internal election" with COP voters joining UNC voters to decide on a leader and a new executive, for UNCOP. Are we mature enough to do this?
Result: UNCOP will probably remain in opposition with more seats. But its hard to tell. It all depends on voter turn out for THIS scenario. Analysis: UNCOP needs at least another year to solidify, the PNM knows this that's why the snap election. Manning senses that the opposition is starting to repair its foundation, but trust remains a factor, the old guard of both parties are still hesitant. What do you do to a foe who's unbalanced? You strike the death blow.

In the end do you realise what the common denominator is? Voter turn out. The more people who vote against the PNM in ANY area puts them on the run. The figures are clear there is a voting block for the PNM no matter how many elections are called. A finite number (that's dwindling as a result of death mind you) all one needs to do is to get the non voters in EVERY area to get registered and vote the opposition. It NEARLY happened in 2007! It can happen again. Voting isn't something you just "do," its a message. Hammer that home to your friends. Put your money where your mouth is.

Get registered now!

Now stop thinking and go do something!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Those who fail to learn from history. . .

. . . fail again. Before I begin, you could argue about this post and say: "But DeepThought, the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, is running at 60% or more these days and you have Wendy's name in it and all! Think of all the lives its saved over the years!" Well that may be true, but how long did it take for us to get to "60% and more" utilization? The EWMSC was finished in 1989. That's over 21 years ago! Twenty one years! How long did it take to build? Longer than that! You think we finish paying for it? Think again.

This post is about NAPA. If you haven't figured it out by now I am paralleling the construction of not only NAPA, but of Campus Plaza, Waterfront, Tarouba and all the other "mega" projects built in the last years since the PNM has been in government, to EWMSC. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. I'll tell you why.

The EWMSC was presented to Cabinet, the Chamber's government I believe, in a feasability study in the early 80's that basically compared two things: The wealth of the nation and the future health of the Caribbean region. They figured that the more money flowing into the T&T via oil and gas, the less prevalent diseases such as SIDS, cholera, malaria and other "third world diseases" and the more wealthier the nations got as a result of gas and oil the more prevalent maladies such as heart disease, cancer and plastic surgery, would be on the rise, as in "Developed Nations." (I added Plastic Surgery for effect, to show how they were thinking)

In other words, in the future (which is now) we won't be dying from common things like dengue, malaria and infant mortality, we'd be SO rich and developed we'd be dying more from cancer etc.

Well, what do you think? I think in the end we're all JUST DYING really!

So they built this massive "complex" to handle all of the diseases that we MAY suffer from in the future! Now I'm not saying this study was wrong, it was just one sided, putting the future wealth of the nation above the HEALTH of the nation, because in the end as usual a big building was going to solve all our problems! (Never mind who was going to staff it or use it!) But I digress.

Is this starting to sound familiar? There is scant research available to me at this time to post here showing the controversy surrounding EWMSC, suffice to say that it was built by foreigners, took VERY long, and when opened became known as the biggest white elephant in T&T. You see people not only forget this government conveniently forgets to mention the mistakes of the past, so our youth, don't know what transpired before!

It has always been the prevue of PNM regimes, from as far back as Eric Williams, to build monuments to themselves. People remember the monuments and the faces that go with them, but not what goes on inside of these edifices nor what really went on behind the names attached to these symbols.

I think ACTT did a very good thing in releasing the problems associated with the NAPA, because we need to know. We cannot accept anything anymore "carte blanche" we've done it before, its been covered up and swept away into the dust of history. We cannot ever forget again! I urge you to do your own research. Go to the libraries, go to the UWI West India section and look up the old newspaper clippings on the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex and decide for yourself what I'm saying makes sense, that we've been here before, let's not be there again!

You see ACTT is right, about the SPIRIT of NAPA, more that the "design flaws." It was NOT built with our environment in mind! Just like EWMSC, where they set up huge theatres to handle diseases that the population couldn't pay for, nay sustain to recover the cost, we have a building ill suited to our "culture!" If we're a performance driven culture that involves less structure and more, organic styled presentations, then NAPA is not fulfilling those needs.

But what IS NAPA fulfilling? Well if you listen to the latest brouhaha over chutney and Ravi B, the NAPA is for "culture." This kind of culture. and this and definitely, its seems, this. You get my drift? Now nothing is wrong with that, but is it the only things that make up our "culture" or is it this is what the PNM wants to make T&T's culture INTO?

Think about it.

Now stop thinking and go do something!

The only thing I could find relating to the history of EWMSC online is this and the PDF link below on that page. If you have any more info on the history and controversy of EWMDSC please do send me a link, msg here in the comments section. Thanks.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why'd the chicken vote in T&T?

Ah go tell you why I stuck on this voting ting. Its the only thing that we can do as citizens to be heard, I mean seriously heard. Not like going cap in hand to your "representatives" office at specific times during the day to complain about how yuh neighbour stinking up the place wit he chicken farm or something! I mean a real message, a final message of defiance:

"We do not want you anymore."

"Go away"

One X.


If you vote for one party because you think that they "will win anyway" you'se an asshole. So you play on the team that goin to win anyway? What de fuck, so was de point playing if Latas and Yorke going to win it all by theyself, you doh have a contribution?!

That is the attitude that have we where we is. So we have a "First past the post system" So fucking what? Dey go find someway of working out the system to keep they-selves in power, Chavez doing it everyday right next door and he chicken coops smelling rawtid.

But we still have the chance to vote!

Lemme put it another way if it have 10 people who always go to KFC. KFC will make ten sales right? but if them 10 people tell you to come and you go they have 11 sales right? Now if 10 people choose to go Royal Castle, because they fries better, and the one man leave the 10 at KFC and go Royal Castle wouldn't KFC LOSE one sale? NOW Suppose Royal Castle had a big time promotion (like KFC) and encourage 10 MORE people to buy from them, who never bought KFC OR Royal Castle b4, you don't think that now you have 21 people giving Royal Castle the upper hand?

Of course you don't see it, because you thinking too much! If you've never voted then you cannot give Royal Castle the sales right?? Likewise the 10 people ALWAYS going to KFC will STILL vote KFC regardless of whether the fucking thing have rat hair on it or something, BUT if 10 people each get ONE person to vote for Royal Castle you will have 20 people voting plus the one who change sides. . . you see what I'm getting at?

You have no fucking clue. But that's alright, I may be talking shite and you don't understand fried chicken or something.

But please. DO encourage you and your friends to get registered and lets vote these fuckers out!

For the good of our country eh?

You don't want to live here too?

Now stop thinking and go do something!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Percy Villafana - Hero

I mean what can I say?! The man's become a symbol over night! Not that I didn't predict this happening, but far be it for me to jump on the wave of popularity and claim that I had anything to do with it! Lol Well maybe a little. In the end the actions spoke louder than any words. This government must be brought down! There must be revolution but again Percy Villafana isn't the end, the PM's been trying to patch up holes left right and center and he MAY succeed. We cannot let him get back up. Now is the time to deal more blows. And I have more blows for allyuh! Doh fear! There is an investigation going on right now by concerned citezens into the St James Youth facility. Yes. Allyuh know where that is? Let me show you.

When you drive past you can see it on Long Circular Road heading East you can see it on the left.

Guess what? Its been building for the last 6 YEARS! By Chinese labour nonetheless. . . no one knows who's in charge of it. No one knows who designed it etc. Its been a treasury drain from day one and who's suffering? The people of Bournes Road and environs.

Its just like NAPA. It looks impressive on the outside, but a complete mess on the inside. But You will hear more about this as I get the facts together from my source!

Meanwhile, stop thinking and go do something.

Get Registered. Vote.

Monday, March 22, 2010

More shite on NAPA and Chinee Builders

But what dey fack is this?! This was sent to me via seemingly long circutious route that was actually sent to the guardian editor when I scrolled down the list. Have a read:

From: monica gopaul
To: trinidad guardian
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 4:43 PM


20th March 2010
If the Political Leader of the Congress of the People is successful in obtaining permission to tour the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NAPA), I have some advice for him and the touring party: Before you embark on this adventure, make certain that you do not have to visit the toilet facilities which will require sitting.
In other words, the men in the touring party will have an advantage of sorts, if you get my drift. I am surprised that the Artistes Coalition did not note this grave deficiency
The Chinese have decided that we Trinis need very little space in the cubicles in ANY of the magnificent edifices which they have constructed in this country.
My first encounter with this situation was a sneak preview of the Diplomatic Centre just prior to its opening. One staff member of the Prime Minister's Office took me aside and asked me whether I could imagine a well-dressed female Minister, anxious to relieve herself, trying to maneuver herself into the toilet and close the door.
My response was that I could think of at least three females of High Importance in the present government who would probably request that they be permitted to use the urinals in the male toilet area.
Not exactly an elegant situation readers would agree.
But back to the upcoming COP tour of the NAPA building: Now Mr Dookeran has trimmed down recently, and congratulations are in order for this feat. But Winston, unless you lose a little more weight, make absolutely certain that you do not have to sit in one of the toilets during your visit, and the same applies to other members of the tour.
One person who performed at the opening ceremony last November came up with a few novel suggestions: There would be more room if the toilet rolls were placed OUTSIDE the door of each toilet, and notices be displayed suggesting to all requiring relief that they partially disrobe before entering the cubicle. This applies to both men and women
Finally, not wishing to bring partisan politics into this matter, I offer the same advice to all persons in important office in the government, particularly the women - be aware that there are cultural differences between China and this country. Getting stuck in an embarrassing position would make headlines in all the dailies.
Monica Gopaul

So what you trying to say lady, in a "nice" way is that dese people built a giant Slug of a building and the toilet stalls too small!? Yuh mad awa?? Someone hadda get a picture of that! I mean is it that de Chinee cyan do math (which I doubt, dey have so many frickin a dem dese days, I sure dey at least know how to multiply!) Or is de PM heself who design de frikin bathrooms?

I figure is de latter yes.

Man I so vex right now ah turning green like Bruce Banner in dat seventies show. . .

I wish ah coulda mashup de place like de hulk!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well I'll be Patrick‘s Daddy & and a Monkey‘s Uncle!

So I went out and bought an Express because I couldn't help but read the headline!

The Man Who Dared to Touch The PM

Seems our 81 year old Canadian is in FACT a die hard old school Trini to the bone PNM-ite! His name is Percy Villafana and I salute him! I mean what trouble is this?! The man image is now like Che Guevara, a symbol of the resistance against this PNM regime. This should be on T-Shirts and on posters and re-printed all over the place. I'll talk with my video friend, maybe he can do something! This is what its about people.


So lets do this! Lets get together let's get registered, because you KNOW what's going to happen next! Tell all your friends the InnerThought told you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some disturbing things about CEPEP

I was told recently, and it has not been verified, that CEPEP workers have the BEST health insurance in the country! I mean ALMOST 90% coverage for EVERYTHING! Since when being unemployed gives you such PERKS!? Am I a tax payer paying for these people's health benefits for cutting grass in the road?! Half day!? If anyone has ANY data on this can they please leave a comment or link pointing it to me?


So much to talk about, so little time. . .

I mean this thing is moving faster than a freight train. There's the NAPA issue. Like two ships firing at each other in the old pirate movies as they pass they tear up each other! Added to this situation is the COP who have sat down on their laurels for far too long, even after proving that there is a connection between Sunway and Calder Hart/UDECOTT and the can of worms that that opened up, they have attempted some lame "protest" to "view the white elephant that might be NAPA."

COP who you foolin? Before you go and bring some Malaysian police officer to prove without a shadow of a doubt that those documents real, you running into a fight between a giant battleship that is called HMS (Her Massive Self) Marlene and the S.S (Sad Sack) Victor et Al. Doh be jumping on anyone band wagon to get publicity.

The COP "claim" that they applied for permission from the Ministry to view NAPA and the Ministry has stated that they would have gotten back to them with the permission, although it was a few days from now, and would have been a probable PR stunt only showing what the COP wouldn't want to see (i.e the defects et al.) So the COP not really using its brain, or maybe using too much of it, because Middle Class, Knife and Forks love to think too much, went running like Don Quixoite at the windmills, without really waiting on said approvals.

What was achieved? Nothing really. The COP could have gotten their approvals, went in officially, did the PR thing, take some pictures and MAYBE discover something that the SS Victor was talking about. But NOOOOOO, the allure of the press was more important to the COP (since they are irrelevant now anyway and need the press to keep in the public eye!)
Anyway it just shows that the NAPA isn't "the people's space" its really just for the PM and PNM flunkies like the "Divine Echoes." Who really fool up the COP into thinking they could pull a coup like the Malaysian documents on NAPA? HMS Marlene was ready for that, obviously! Doh be going into someone else fight. . .

Now onto the PM and his "81 year old man fight." You've all seen the video I posted up recently, no I didn't do it, a friend of mine did it and was nice enough to give my blog some "advertisement", he's quite talented, and fast! Well it turns out Mr Manning "claims" the poor old guy is a Canadian. I point you to the terrible online Trinidad Express article here. In it Mr Manning says "It turns out, Madam Deputy Speaker, that the 81-year-old gentleman is a resident of Winnipeg, Canada." and Tattoo in the corner, like the court jester he is, mouths "He (the old man) don’t live here,’" Well of course shorty, isnt that what the PM just said? But Roodal Moonilal was quick to point out "he (the old man) could be a resident of Tokyo, if he is there and occupying there (the house) in whatever legal capacity and he tells you ’please don’t come in my property and you are trespassing, to go’." Well said Moons. So the PM's trying to tell us that he knew the man wasn't a Trini even before he entered the man's gate!? The PM is not only suffering from delusions of grandeur, he's really got the God complex! "I used my psychic powers bestowed on me by my Spiritual Advisor, to sense that this man is not a Trini and therefore irrelevant!"

That's where we've reached!
You know who also thought he had these same powers?


We've been in deep shit for a while and we're now tasting it, because we're up to our nose holes with it. Does it smell nice to you?
Want to get out of it? Vote. Get registered and vote. Don't fucking complain when you don't vote and the Government screw you over. . . just doh vote for these jokers ever again!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get registered and VOTE!

Its actually NOT that hard! And to think that EVERY Government Secondary school used to (not too sure now) make it mandatory to get an ID card. In fact I'm positive that every rank and file person in T&T has an ID card and as such is registered to vote! Hell the fucking CEPEP workers all have to have ID cards as part f their terms of "employment!" So why Middle class people, who does make up the majority of this country, don't care or haven't registered? Ah mean! Its not gonna kill you if you vote, dey does actually give you time off to vote, so what's the major malfunction?

Is the middle class in this country that have we so you know! In fact is the middle class people who voted the blasted COP in the first place and split the vote! If the bloody UNC "grassroots" and the uppity arrogant "Knife and Fork" Middle Class wasn't fighting amongst themselves we wouldn't ah have these thieves in government! But that's for another rant!

But the middle class is the one that will feel it the most when governments wheel and deal with taxes and laws and all that bullshit that they call 20/20. So why the fuck don't they get themselves registered and vote!?

Now I NOT telling you who to vote for, but IF yuh vote PNM, well crapud smoke yuh pipe for true and you is a damn fool. BUT in a democracy das how it does work! I cyan tell you who to vote for, BUT yuh HAVE to vote! So


You can actually find out where and how you can register here and believe me its easy!
And through the miracle of modern technology you can actually check your registered status here (just make sure yuh put in the right place for me please, no voter paddin!)
When the election is called, make it your duty to check the list published in the EBC offices as well as at the polling station.

The only way to tell this government to fuck off, is to vote.

Allyuh like to think? Well think about that.

(image via

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This war thing. . .

Make no mistake that the Prime Minsters call for "War" against the local contractors is a secret code! This is a message to his OWN party. "Take up arms against those who are against you" This is a situation that is spiraling out of control. Is war he want? Is war he going and get, because for too long have we sat under the yoke of Emperor manning, Its time to fight back, not with violence and hatred. No with actions that move underground, a guerrilla war, that will undercut his power from below. . . only YOU can remove the PNM and ensure a safe productive society for you and your children and THEIR children!

Get registered. VOTE. Doesn't matter for who! Because when you vote AGAINST the PNM you send them a message.


We're going to war people!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Continuing Saga that is NAPA

I want to offer up a picture which I think sums up the attitude of the "Honorable" Minister of Culture:

Now that you've stopped laughing, think about it for a minute. What makes these two similar?Well for one they both LOOK the same, I mean those jowls, who can argue with that? But deeper than that, not even a Jedi MASTER can sway their thought processes. Poor ACTT and Mr Victor have spend years trying to talk to the likes such as these and they just fail everytime! What else makes them similar? Sometimes we wish we had a protocol droid of our own to understand WHAT the hell they are saying. Observe that the Honourable minster said "we are goin' through a soft testing phase that will last months. . ." and you might as well have heard Huttese (which sounds like this) So go figure. . .

In the end the Minister is no different from Jabba, she not only LOOKS the part, she's also part of what Obi Wan Kenobi described as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy." I mean in the end Jabba's a freaking thief, he's a big bad crime lord, but in the end he's just really a huge giant thief. . .

Is this the reason we built NAPA?

By the way, since we're talking about similarities. . .
Go figure

Is This How our PM Cares about the People?

I was just sent this. Share this with everyone! According to the video, this occured yesterday and was caught on camera by CNC3. Is THIS how our PM cares? Is THIS the PM we WANT in charge!? Get Registered! VOTE theses fuckers OUT! This is the end.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago: The World's Newest Narcostate - By Dorn Townsend | Foreign Policy

So I was shown this article yesterday. You should give it a read. But before you do ask yourself a few things.

After the last carnival season, the Ministers of both National Security and Culture (the two MOST prominent during Carnival) as well as the Ministry of Tourism, all proclaimed this Carnival a success. Yay. But something to ask, how many drugs were consumed (non legal and legal) during this fete season? And how many continue to suffer from a crime tsunami before this government realises that . . . "Hey we have a problem! All our voters are dead!" There are no statistics to show how affected tourism is by our crime situation and yet this government continues to crow that every Carnival is a success and tourism is alive and healthy. Ashworth Jack in Tobago complained bitterly in the Tobago House of Assembly that he needs NO statistics to show him what the people on the ground in Tobago know since 2001, tourism is failing, or has indeed failed, in the island.

I know that all these "specials" we're seeing the hotels doing through TDC are attempts to fill rooms so that the Ministry can say, "See? Full occupancy" even going as far as running a campaign ONLY for locals to start staying in the hotels! Hotels without guests are like cocktails without alcohol, it looks pretty, but it just isn't the same!

So ask yourself this: Is the government in T&T really concerned about crime? Or are they just happy that they can get all the kickbacks from the money that they spend on the "crime initiatives?" You think about that the next time one of the so call "Honourable" Ministers talks about a crime plan. . .

This is a damning report by foreigners who have NO axe to grind! In fact this is the second such report to speak about the crime situation, the other was written by a Scandinavian research group into the prevalence of illegal weapons and the crime rate in T&T. I have forgotten where this can be found, but when I do I will post it.

Everyone's talking about this report. . . have a read.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Omm gets fancy, speaks truth.

Say on Omm.

Too bad you is a UNC 'till ah dead. But I guess if yuh love yuh country you'd forget that and work to make it a better place REGARDLESS of whatever you is 'tillah dead!

Me, I's a TRINI tillah dead!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tragedy that is NAPA

Now all coming out. . . one of the things that the former head of UDECOTT boasted about in his "early retirement" speech was how proud he was of the National Academy of the Performing Arts. The building I call the bastard child of horrible rape of Queens Hall by the Sydney Opera house. And as predicted, while this monstrosity was being built. . .


But don't take my word for it, read the report from the stakeholders.

it right here

But isn't it just like us, sorry, I mean the PNM, to build GIANT things that are either unusable or under utilised (Mt Hope Medical Center is the NUMBER one EXAMPLE of this) Somehow the PNM has this idea that a BUILDING alone solves the problems. We have children dying from influenza, and common ailments in T&T, so they build a GIANT hospital that has all the latest CAT scanners etc (which never worked because someone get a cut) and our children are STILL dying from simple everyday curable diseases. Mt Hope was for a LONG time a failure, it still is, because only 30% is ACTUALLY in use. But I digress

You read the report. Its rather long (38 pages), but VERY detailed, and VERY heart breaking.

We built a building that no one can use. . .

How much did it cost us?

You children's future. and THEIR children's future.

They'll be paying for this LONG after we're gone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So look what our money bought

Ahhh boy seems Mr Hart and co buy themselves a nice little pad up in Floreda! Yes man Check it out here:

Hmmmm what OTHER properties the man has bought wit


Saturday, March 6, 2010

So the fucking Rat RUN.

So Ah hear that Calder Hart has resigned (Saturday 6th March) and has LEFT the fucking country!

WTMC!? So thats it? He gone wit ALL awee money and do a O'Halloran!?

Nah! SOMEBODY hadda pay for dis! When I find out more, Ah go sound off on it. . .


Thursday, March 4, 2010

COP does what no one else can. . .

. . . get evidence apparently. I mean it took TWO months to get but we went through a WHOLE year of an inquiry and all the lawyers at the time could come up with is "IF you find the birth certificates (mind you we said IF) you will have corroborating evidence. to prove that Calder Hart gave Sunway the billion dollar contract for the new Customs and Excise building in Port of Spain. . ."

Well now, it seems that Mr Hart DID indeed play the favorite and give his wife's brother the contract!

Why is this government persisting in protecting this man? He's a crook in the likes of John O'Halloran! I mean what the fuck is our major malfunction?! We allow these things to happen and we do nothing!

Shit man, sometimes I wish I could take a bullpistle to EVERY trini and beat them senseless. . . but it'd do no good.

It actually leads me to this wonderful observation!

Behind EVERY bobol in the world a Trini is connected. I'll give you an example:

WHo was Michael Jackson's doctor?

A Trini

Trini smart-men are BEHIND everything! You turn on the lights and we scurry away like the roaches we are because we 'fraid the light!

How we reach so?

I blame the PNM and all the PNM stands for! All those people who 'fraid getting fired from their jobs, all them old "n's" who continue to vote PNM and hold they belly in their hand for 5 years! I blame them for taking us down this route. But the one thing I can be happy about, I think, is that time is against the PNM, the Old "N's" will eventually die and I'm hoping this fucking trend dies with them. It may take a few generations to erase the world of this fucking party. . .


It will happen.

newsday article here: COP blows whistle on Harts

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well slap me around and call me Mikela Panday!

SPOTTED: Mikela Panday in an Oropouche West protest!!

WAY! You KNOW what that mean?! She fraid for she political life! ALL dis time she ain't do nutting (see this) and now look what she doing, protesting for the poor residents who ain't et no water. She father on the back bench, he not in charge, she better do some work now or they get rid ah she FAS FAS FAS! Ah boy. . .

This country is the WORST! You cheer people like Mikela Panday who suddenly swoop down from Mount Olympus, or somewhere, and clap when she says "This is not about me its about the people"

Mikela, the Panday dynasty is dead. Be a lawyer before this politics thing make you ugly like your father! (and that would be a REAL tragedy!)

Things that bothering me today and maybe forever?

I mean what can I say about Rev PM Manning that hasn't been already
said? Sat Maharaj put it so well
in his statement
on launching of Holi on Sunday (Why I read
the papers since its so depressing, I dunno) But even Anand Ramlogan
had a more "nicer" point of view. (My finger hurts having cut it opening some bills
today, therefore the writing is more atrocious than usual, see?) IN the
end I agree with Sat. Manning you persecute the Indians and other
inoritie sin this country and now claim YOU and your PENTECOSTALS are
being "persecuted"?!

Anyhoo, what's the big deal? The big deal is WASA says there is no
water, yet EVERYWHERE you turn there's water gushing out of some pipe,
fire hydrant, leaking pothole except from the water coming out of
politicians mouths these days (I'm looking at you Hunt) But I digress.
SO its becoming glaringly OBVIOUS that we wouldn't HAVE a water problem
if the supply was A. consistent, B. managed properly and C. NOT LEAKING
LIKE A SIEVE! WASA, What the fuck is your problem? You ask US to "Not
wash dishes from a running pipe but use the dirty water in the basin
trick" and of all things "Wash you dog in the same basin!" LOL C'mon
get real!! Why don't you spend the money you're using to ADVERTISE
"water conservation" and do you're OWN conserving by fixing all the
leaks!? Do as I say not as I do eh?

Oh, speaking of leaks. Here are a few that people posted up on TV6's
ureport forum. I stole a few just to show that we have LOTS of water. .
. it just not going where it supposed to. Wait? That's the PROMENADE
with the SPRINKLERS ON? ha boy, you tink it easy?

Geez-a-ages! And you wonder why I don't have my sanity?

I hope the Pena woman getting a nice church, does look like a big
spread! Don't forget Trini's YOU PAYING FOR IT! (Check this scene
from Full Metal Jacket: We are the recruits and Pile is the PNM

The community in Gunapo should be glad, like the
villagers in poor Ghandi Village, who staged burning tire protest after
burning tire protest, they FINALLY got a section of their road paved!
Maybe Ghandi Village should apply to open a born again Christian
church, then maybe they can get some other things, like PROPER WATER!

Sometimes you just want to give the government of this country a GIANT
FUCK YOU. They not only deserve it, they LOOKING FOR IT!

so. . .

How did we reach here? Were we sleeping? Were we so drunk and happy
during the 80's and nineties that we let the devil slip in in the guise
of holy men for our leaders? They always say you've got to sleep in the
bed you've made, but the unfair thing is, I DON'T THINK I REMEMBER
We've got to do something and do it soon!
NOTE (All the FUCK YOU WASA, PNM, MANNING, HUNT etc were removed by the
author. "Brevity is the soul of wit")
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