Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh the pain that is free speech

. . .Or in other words, why people don't like to be criticised or told they've done the wrong thing.

A little overview. This poster used to be part of a Facebook political advocacy group called "Supertrini" The ideas were noble, but in the end personal ambitions of a few turned it into a personal pulpit. Those that dissented were removed, like this pooor chap. His ORIGINAL post, I remember concerned the use of the group to discredit one political party over another by using slander. I won't go into the details, suffice to say it had to do with the following:
  1. Voter padding in the UNC internal election
  2. The status of the COP as a bona fide party
  3. personal feelings about all of the above by the "moderators" of this "group"
Well I'll just post up the screen shot and then you'll see what I am saying.

In all honesty NOONE individual was attacked, by deleting the post the poster was left with no defense. In the end it just made these "moderators" look like the fools that they so hate in government.

Suffice to say the person in question was ejected from this group for speaking his mind and standing up for what was right. This is what our country has become, a place where dissent is not encouraged and people tow the line!

But now that the election is over. . . every dog will have his day.

This is for you "Super" Trini.

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