Monday, March 22, 2010

More shite on NAPA and Chinee Builders

But what dey fack is this?! This was sent to me via seemingly long circutious route that was actually sent to the guardian editor when I scrolled down the list. Have a read:

From: monica gopaul
To: trinidad guardian
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 4:43 PM


20th March 2010
If the Political Leader of the Congress of the People is successful in obtaining permission to tour the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NAPA), I have some advice for him and the touring party: Before you embark on this adventure, make certain that you do not have to visit the toilet facilities which will require sitting.
In other words, the men in the touring party will have an advantage of sorts, if you get my drift. I am surprised that the Artistes Coalition did not note this grave deficiency
The Chinese have decided that we Trinis need very little space in the cubicles in ANY of the magnificent edifices which they have constructed in this country.
My first encounter with this situation was a sneak preview of the Diplomatic Centre just prior to its opening. One staff member of the Prime Minister's Office took me aside and asked me whether I could imagine a well-dressed female Minister, anxious to relieve herself, trying to maneuver herself into the toilet and close the door.
My response was that I could think of at least three females of High Importance in the present government who would probably request that they be permitted to use the urinals in the male toilet area.
Not exactly an elegant situation readers would agree.
But back to the upcoming COP tour of the NAPA building: Now Mr Dookeran has trimmed down recently, and congratulations are in order for this feat. But Winston, unless you lose a little more weight, make absolutely certain that you do not have to sit in one of the toilets during your visit, and the same applies to other members of the tour.
One person who performed at the opening ceremony last November came up with a few novel suggestions: There would be more room if the toilet rolls were placed OUTSIDE the door of each toilet, and notices be displayed suggesting to all requiring relief that they partially disrobe before entering the cubicle. This applies to both men and women
Finally, not wishing to bring partisan politics into this matter, I offer the same advice to all persons in important office in the government, particularly the women - be aware that there are cultural differences between China and this country. Getting stuck in an embarrassing position would make headlines in all the dailies.
Monica Gopaul

So what you trying to say lady, in a "nice" way is that dese people built a giant Slug of a building and the toilet stalls too small!? Yuh mad awa?? Someone hadda get a picture of that! I mean is it that de Chinee cyan do math (which I doubt, dey have so many frickin a dem dese days, I sure dey at least know how to multiply!) Or is de PM heself who design de frikin bathrooms?

I figure is de latter yes.

Man I so vex right now ah turning green like Bruce Banner in dat seventies show. . .

I wish ah coulda mashup de place like de hulk!

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