Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get registered and VOTE!

Its actually NOT that hard! And to think that EVERY Government Secondary school used to (not too sure now) make it mandatory to get an ID card. In fact I'm positive that every rank and file person in T&T has an ID card and as such is registered to vote! Hell the fucking CEPEP workers all have to have ID cards as part f their terms of "employment!" So why Middle class people, who does make up the majority of this country, don't care or haven't registered? Ah mean! Its not gonna kill you if you vote, dey does actually give you time off to vote, so what's the major malfunction?

Is the middle class in this country that have we so you know! In fact is the middle class people who voted the blasted COP in the first place and split the vote! If the bloody UNC "grassroots" and the uppity arrogant "Knife and Fork" Middle Class wasn't fighting amongst themselves we wouldn't ah have these thieves in government! But that's for another rant!

But the middle class is the one that will feel it the most when governments wheel and deal with taxes and laws and all that bullshit that they call 20/20. So why the fuck don't they get themselves registered and vote!?

Now I NOT telling you who to vote for, but IF yuh vote PNM, well crapud smoke yuh pipe for true and you is a damn fool. BUT in a democracy das how it does work! I cyan tell you who to vote for, BUT yuh HAVE to vote! So


You can actually find out where and how you can register here and believe me its easy!
And through the miracle of modern technology you can actually check your registered status here (just make sure yuh put in the right place for me please, no voter paddin!)
When the election is called, make it your duty to check the list published in the EBC offices as well as at the polling station.

The only way to tell this government to fuck off, is to vote.

Allyuh like to think? Well think about that.

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