Thursday, March 4, 2010

COP does what no one else can. . .

. . . get evidence apparently. I mean it took TWO months to get but we went through a WHOLE year of an inquiry and all the lawyers at the time could come up with is "IF you find the birth certificates (mind you we said IF) you will have corroborating evidence. to prove that Calder Hart gave Sunway the billion dollar contract for the new Customs and Excise building in Port of Spain. . ."

Well now, it seems that Mr Hart DID indeed play the favorite and give his wife's brother the contract!

Why is this government persisting in protecting this man? He's a crook in the likes of John O'Halloran! I mean what the fuck is our major malfunction?! We allow these things to happen and we do nothing!

Shit man, sometimes I wish I could take a bullpistle to EVERY trini and beat them senseless. . . but it'd do no good.

It actually leads me to this wonderful observation!

Behind EVERY bobol in the world a Trini is connected. I'll give you an example:

WHo was Michael Jackson's doctor?

A Trini

Trini smart-men are BEHIND everything! You turn on the lights and we scurry away like the roaches we are because we 'fraid the light!

How we reach so?

I blame the PNM and all the PNM stands for! All those people who 'fraid getting fired from their jobs, all them old "n's" who continue to vote PNM and hold they belly in their hand for 5 years! I blame them for taking us down this route. But the one thing I can be happy about, I think, is that time is against the PNM, the Old "N's" will eventually die and I'm hoping this fucking trend dies with them. It may take a few generations to erase the world of this fucking party. . .


It will happen.

newsday article here: COP blows whistle on Harts

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