Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well I'll be Patrick‘s Daddy & and a Monkey‘s Uncle!

So I went out and bought an Express because I couldn't help but read the headline!

The Man Who Dared to Touch The PM

Seems our 81 year old Canadian is in FACT a die hard old school Trini to the bone PNM-ite! His name is Percy Villafana and I salute him! I mean what trouble is this?! The man image is now like Che Guevara, a symbol of the resistance against this PNM regime. This should be on T-Shirts and on posters and re-printed all over the place. I'll talk with my video friend, maybe he can do something! This is what its about people.


So lets do this! Lets get together let's get registered, because you KNOW what's going to happen next! Tell all your friends the InnerThought told you!

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