Sunday, May 23, 2010

We stand at the crossroads

If I have anything to say at this point is to say: PRAY. The fear in the country is VERY VERY prevalent and its fear from those who shouldn't be feeling fearful. Those that clamor for change are fearful that they are taking too big a risk. I say NUTS to that. There is ALWAYS risk. Hell there is risk crossing the fucking road these days. Decisions you make informed or not are only just that ,decisions. If you live by a code and believe that you have the power to see the change YOU want to see in the country in yourself, you would not hesitate. You will not think twice. You would not consider the consequences. The decision you make can only do two things and you cannot predict the future.

I for one welcome change. Change in myself. Do you know how hard it is to write this blog? When I started this blog I thought no one was going to read it. lol No one did, but then a funny thing happened. I wrote about Marlene being like Jabba the Hutt and all of a sudden every Tom, Dick and Harry started reading this thing! lol

BTW Who is Stacy Roopnarine? and WHY is her name in a Google search and why does MY blog come up when you search her name?

I digress.

So now I've been getting over 200 hits a day on this blog and suddenly I regarded this thing not so much as a risk anymore, but a duty. I HAD to keep writing. People needed to hear what I had to say, and THAT was encouraging. If I didn't take the decision to start writing, then my thoughts would have been wasted, for bad or for good SOMEBODY out there learned a few things, absorbed some new information, broadened their minds and started thinking for themselves.

I am glad. So when you go out tomorrow to vote. The results will be two ways, the way you want it and the way you DON'T want it, but in the end you made a decision and THAT cannot be taken away from you. You now have a power beyond reason, for you can stand up and say:
I did or didn't vote for this.
Whether its GOOD or BAD. I believe that we have a destiny, we do not know what it is, but it is there and one day, maybe at the end, we will suddenly realise, this is what I am here for! For those who like "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" The answer to the ultimate question is 42.

The question is "What number do u have?" In the line of life, you're just biding your time before the decision you make makes you more than you are.

Now stop thinking and go do.

There may be a message. . . after.

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