Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Magic Number 24

I am realising that the number 24 figured prominently for this entire campaign. Not withstanding that the political observers pointed out that Kamla won the internal election on the 24th of January and that the Election was called on the 24th and there were a bunch of other 24 numbers bandied about. But the FINAL count in this election kinda surprised even me. No it isn't 24. But as of today, the 25th, the count is 29-12!

My God. When I asked you guys to get registered and vote, I didn't think you would DESTROY the PNM. You mangled them. You handed them  their WORST defeat since 1986! You've made them so irrelevant to the politics that it will take some time for them to recover.

And recover they will. I predict, as I had said before, that Rowley will become the new Political Leader of the PNM, and that's NOT a bad thing. We NEED someone like Mr Rowley, wether you like it or not, to keep the opposition strong. I make no bones about this situation. This new Coalition Government has made a LOT of promises and they must keep ALL of them. Rowley will see to that.

My only problem with the results is that BOTH Marlene and Tattoo have remained behind to grace us with their unintelligent ways. But they can't do a thing. The Government has the majority and you know what THAT means! Yes folks. Constitutional Reform, AT LAST, and with Prakash Ramadhar and Winston Dookeran in the government, this will be done PROPERLY!

The swearing in ceremony is hours away as of this post.

I look forward to the next few weeks. Don't feel that since the PNM got booted out, I am going to rest. No Its time to face NEW challenges and to be honest its time to start thinking about Mr Warner, as we have said before, what's the price we paid for his help in getting the Coalition Elected?

I will be publishing the FINAL results when they become available.

Till then I would like to congratulate all our Representatives (even Jabba and Tattoo) for winning and especially to Mrs Persad-Bissesar, congrats to you Madame Prime Minster. Don't let us down.

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