Thursday, May 20, 2010

Father Kenndy "Rambo" Swaratsingh

I've just been reading this article in the Express and I have to make a comment here. For the record I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr Swartsingh is capable, I said CAPABLE of doing skullduggery. He did it before as a Roman Catholic priest. Mr Swaratsingh used the Catholic Church as a spring board to get him where he is now. The man is the ULTIMATE oppurtunist. Mind you he cannot give a sermon worth a damn as he has always been told he reads the scriputres wrong consistently. But I digress. While a Catholic Priest, and I have been told this is a well known fact, he APPLIED as member of the defense force. Not as a CHAPLIN mind you, but as a full fledged gun toting Army Man, trained to kill.

The Catholic Church has a set of rules (some may say that are broken daily, I am not here to dispute that) called Canon law that control the actions of the clergy, one such law cleary states that 
289 §1. Since military service is hardly in keeping with the clerical state, clerics and candidates for sacred orders are not to volunteer for military service except with the permission of their ordinary.
WTF Kennedy!? You disobeyed your OWN churches law and joined the Army as a gun toting solider WHILE STILL A PRIEST?! He was told repeatedly by the then new Archbishop Gilbert to choose, Military Service or Priesthood. He chose NEITHER he went into politics! This man can't take pressure you know, that's why he was bamboozling the Army (saying it was ok for a Chaplin to be trained as an army man in full service so he can get "special treatment") and the the Catholic Church (Its ok to take arms against the oppressors and the Godless, so don't mess wit me, I'm a bad ass) AND get PAID BY BOTH the church (Priests receive a stipend) AND the ARMY (they get paid like any normal civil servant.

This man seems to have no respect for the rule of law and sees it fit to use any means necessary to further his own personal ambitions. I have met Mr Swaratsingh when he was a priest, he was patronising and arrogant then and I'm sure being a government Minister in the PNM hasn't made that any better.

So when Jack buss the mark on Kennedy I was reminded of the above story. I was also reminded of the quote from Othello. "She hath betrayed her father and may you. . ."

Kennedy, all I can say is, "You so crazy!" lol Not.

The Campaign growls on.

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