Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yeah. I'm seeing it too. Is that a bottle of WHISKEY in that youth's hand?? But What The Mudder ¢ü~†?! THIS is the youth that is going to take the country forward? THIS is the people that will be voting in on Monday and beyond?

The PNM has a lot to answer for. This picture is the straw, forget the Guanapo church! Forget the alphabet soups of UDECOTT, THIS image alone will destroy the PNM.

But there are other WTMC's to come. I will list them out:

Colm Imbert, otherwise known as Tattoo and the Court Jester is trying to use his Napoleon complex to remove an electronic billboard in Maraval. WTMC Colm, you can't lift that by yourself! You too small! Call the police they will move it for you, because like the Ariapita Incident, you can make the Police do ANYTHING but catch the criminals in your constituency.

I mean WTMC!? They carjack Kamla's car, that was bad enough, but they going and BURN down this poor guy's house?! WTMC I seeing in this country?! We REALLY are getting bad. Its time people to fight and fight hard. Get out there and get the people who are undecided to vote!

BUT WTMC is this!? Sylwyn Ryan stop being a PNM stooge and is saying the Coalition is the ONLY answer!? This is unheard of! Patrick not going anywhere but Jail at this point. . . we going to have a by election in San Fernando East even if the PNM wins, because if Kamla and Co don't get him, the Rowley Faction will! He will meet hard concrete when they throw that Captain off the ship when it dock (if it ever does!)

Its the silly season! And its not silly anymore. Its downright scary!

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