Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm making my list and checking it twice

Its like Christmas for the People's Partnership. All around signs of the impending collapse of the PNM campaign is evident. Collapsing as painfully as the collapse of the President's House roof. Now if you ask me THAT is more symbolic that anything. Not only does it show the rot that is occurring on the insides of our PNM held government, its also showing how the PNM's priorities are so screwed up. All the billions and the HEAD OF STATE HAS NO HOUSE!?

The collapse of the roof is not only the death knell, its the bell that tolls, who does it toll for? It tools for thee Patrick.

I read with interest that all the political pundits are predicting a coalition win, BUT not a landslide. I want to make it clear that I am by no means a pollster but I do hear what the people are saying. The ONLY thing that is keeping the people voting for the PNM is fear. I had promised to write about fear but there is no point at this stage the fear has overcome the PNM, even Rowley's starting to acknowledge that they will lose. Manning has been VERY quiet since his last Trinidad & Tobago sponsored PNM "Address to the Nation" TTTI has already sounded off on this, saying that in no uncertain terms must the ruling party EVER do what the PM did that night. Use the office to plug his party's wares and preempt ALL the stations programming to do so.

This is desperation.

So what will be the final figures?

My official results are as follows: PNM 19 TOP 2 UNC/COP 20. I will publish a before and after table, my list as it were, to show which constituencies went where. I will be checking it twice.

I realised with joy that hundreds of you read my previous article on the state of the campaign thus far. I hope you learned a lot. Thanks for reading my little blog. :) Please do return. Things are going to get interesting.

While I leave you to comment on this latest prediction, you might consider this little clip from the movie 2010, the year we kicked out Manning, I mean, the year we made Contact. Enjoy.

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