Saturday, May 1, 2010

Those blasted emails!

When are people going to learn that passwords no matter how complex will never protect you from prying eyes. The PNM has seemed to have been set upon once again by whistleblowers. Jack Warner was in full theatrics mode on Friday night in La Horquetta when he strung the audience along for almost ten minutes of his allotted time talking about "The smoking gun contained in this Brown Envelope" Now the contents f the this brown envelope that he "claims" he got slipped under his door on Thursday night, was obviously given to him by a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers are a rare commodity in Trinidad and Tobago. If these emails are real. then it shows something significant. The old paradigm of keeping quiet and hoping the problem resolves itself seems to be fading, Trini's seem to be becoming more empowered and more brazen in doing something, even if its STILL for self gain and survival.

The question is, who in Valdez and Torry will be fired for this breach of security? If I were  the owner I would think carefully before firing his employees for whistle blowing why? Because then everyone will know WHO the whistleblower is and that will make the emails MORE legit. You obviously cannot fire someone (couching it in ANY company speak, as you'd like) without calling attention to it.

However the whistleblower must know that is he or she is found out, their life at this particular company is over, and if the said person resigns in due time it makes it less conspicuous to the public, so all Mr Valdez has to do is wait it out. He may know who the person is but when the election dust has settled, that person is gone. I hope said person has hedged his bets and gotten a job elsewhere and is ready to move before Valdez and co do.

But back to Warner's smoking gun. What does it say? Well simply put, the PNM is doing what the PNM always does, takes your tax paying dollars for its own party gain. The money was to pay a well known reporter who has a Warner/FIFA axe to grind to reveal ugly things about Mr Warner.

Well he's what I think. Mr Jennings is right in fighting up against Warner, he's an investigative journalist who has taken it upon himself to expose the seedy inner workings of FIFA. FIFA in reality is more corrupt than the Olympic Organizing Committee, who has only now after decades of scandal been able to shake off the problems and move forward. So Jennings feels that if he gets rid of Sid Blater and his "Dartth Vader" Warner, FIFA will be a "nicer" Committee. But who is Andrew Jennings?

Andrew Jennings, according to the Wikipedia entry, is "an investigative reporter, writer and documentary filmmaker. He is best known for his work concerning corruption in sports organizations and the politics of international sports, particularly within FIFA and the International Olympic Committee." So I DOUBT that Jennings would stoop so low as to oust Warner for the PNM for financial gain. If THAT were the case Jenning's career as a "Sports Corruption Buster" would be in question. If you're willing to sell your reports to the highest bidder as suggested by SANITAS' email, what does that say about your OWN integrity!? But SANITAS was trying to be more "sneaky"

This is SANITAS BTW. They seem to be a mercenary organisation employed by big high paying government states (maybe even people like the CIA) to influence and direct political campaigns. So SANITAS wasn't going to ask Jennings outright to let everyone in on the feed from the conference he was going to be speaking at, no they would interview him AFTER THEN re-cut and edit to discredit Warner. The truth of Warner's "corruption" would be FURTHER corrupted by making it into 30 second sound bites that would just be designed to inflame the population.

Now I think where this may sound like a noble gesture on the part of the PNM it is dirty politics at its highest, and where Warner ain't no saint either, this isn't designed to hurt Warner, that's a court of law to decide ultimately, it is designed to destroy the phalanx of the General's army by cutting off the head.

I am waiting to see what the PNM does to respond to this. They MUST now be feeling that EVERYTHING they do seems to be leaked to the enemy! Is this a sign that internally the troops are discontented?

The Campaign fights on.


  1. Jack Warner is becoming an international embarrassment to this country. This is the man who represents UNC?

    We deserve so much better than Warner's corruption and paranoid rantings. I don't want someone with this kind of temper and disrespect for other people to lead this country.

  2. Maybe the COP should look into Jack Warner’s allegations of stealing from our beloved Soca Warrior. Fixing FIFA tournaments...What about his son’s involvement?


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