Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tearing Through The Manifestos

So this week saw the launch of both the PNM's (first to market) and the UNC's Coalition's Manifestos. It was not without some of its controversies. The PNM's manifesto is nothing more than a condensation of the Vision 2020 document that is more readily available online than the manifesto itself. I have been told that the Manifesto is so thin that its easy to tear. Its also doesn't seem to be available online. Impressive, most impressive. When Deepthought gets himself a copy of this document in his hand, he will read it.

Meanwhile the launch of the opposition's manifesto was not without some controversy. In the first instance they were denied the use of NALIS in Port of Spain at the last minute. It smells of political interference, BUT in reality in T&T (especially NALIS) it may have just been simple incompetence at  this institution. Highly possible considering the state of decay in our public offices. In the end Jack was running pillar to post (according to him) to find a new palce to launch this long awaited document. Thy eended up launching it in Center of Excellence (where in the end was only going to be natural since the COE, is owned by Mr Warner. Didn't know why they didn't go there in the first place!?) Maybe its all about getting coverage. They knew it would be mired in controversy and they used it to their advantage.

Then there was something more disturbing. The car that transports Mrs Persad-Bissesar was carjacked. It was later found undamaged and nothing taken from it, EXCEPT some personal documents. Where have DeepThought heard this story before? Ah yes, Mr Rubadiri Victor had also reported that his laptop was stolen on more than one occasion with the express intent to sabotage the ACTT's presentation to the Uff enquiry on the NAPA building. He who thinks that this government and this PNM party does not have its own "Tonton Macoute" is living in la la land.

In fact the week before the home of a PNM returned to UNC activist was fire bombed and the whole family was killed! This is getting crazy! There IS desperation in the air and its not yet over.

Back to the manifesto. It certainly isn't easy to tear! Its been sent mainly electronically and that's using technology the RIGHT way. The propagation of the document has already started flooding DeepThought's inbox from friends who themselves received a copy and have passed it on. Deepthought has a copy and I have posted it up here with the help of my more technically adept friends.

I think the PNM has dropped the ball. I have skimmed through the document and have found certain key things that are DEFINITELY worth exploring should the UNC and COP and TOP get into power. Its VERY thourough. Deepthought likes how it starts:

"We are guided by the principle that the highest  mission of society is the development of  its citizens. Accordingly the commitment of our government is to promote a process of people-centred development. 
To achieve our mission, we have built our policy on seven (7) Development Pillars, which are 
interconnected and which constitute the cornerstones of our strategy for sustainable development of Trinidad and Tobago."

So far other people have commented on this document and preliminary reports say that it is VERY well done. That's the COP for you, they wrote it!

Meanwhile the Campaign kicks into high gear.

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