Friday, July 2, 2010

Jack In the Box

I was going to call this "Jack Warner" but that's boring. The Jack's sprung and all those who warned us about the bogey man called "Jack" are "tut-tutting" and saying, "We told you so."

I am speaking about the appointment of Jack over Winston Dookeran as acting PM, by Kamla. "But DeepThought. . ." you say "What's the big deal?" The "big deal" is that the coalition is in the early stages of cracking.

I hate to admit it, but Patos was right. The PNM was right, I predict by the end of the year if maybe later, we will be going back to the polls.

Why would I say this?

Two things. Firstly the Government is 30+ days into its term and 30 days into its much touted on the Platform "120 days of immediate action." I have waited and not said anything up until now, but what is apparent to me, AND to a lot of other people is that the coalition is suffering from a simple disease. "Rudderlessness." Kamla has the people on her side, but that's slowly fading, all the running around beautifying things is to show she "cares" BUT so far things on the policy front seem quite grim. Jack Warner's appointment is only the last straw that has got me writing again. Why in heaven's name would you put the ONE man that has such a cloud of conspiracy and corruption, in charge of the country while you are away? "New Politics" my ass, you just replaced Lenny Saith with Jack Warner. Its a sign of "giving jobs to the boys" You fucked it up Kamla. Jack already is at loggerheads with the Integrity Commission, has a pall around him so think you can't see the nose on his own face, and HE'S LEADING THE COUNTRY!? This is not a fete. This is madness.

Giving Dookeran the acting PM job is a SYMBOL. You remember the symbols of the campaign Kamla? By putting Dooks you signal to the people that you TRUST him and the COP to be EQUAL partners! He is MORE than qualified! If he had turned it down I can understand, but at this point you pull a Patos and didn't consult, you just DID it, or SEEMED to have done it without "consulting." Was this the "deal" you struck during the internal elections and the GE? That once you won Jack will be the right hand man forever?!

Fuck Dooks you say, Jack is more suited.

I say Fuck YOU Kamla. You did shit. MONUMENTAL Shit.

The second thing is leading off from the first. A rudderless gov't is the result of the whole "Job for the boys thing" seen in the appointment of Jack. For example, one such "job for the boys" appointment was Minister of the People, Mr Glen Ramhadarsing. He has not a CLUE what he's doing. That "Ministry of the People" is a PAPPY SHOW. Its only a matter of time before the people start burning tires. . . wait the squatters have done that already haven't they? Wait and see, mark my words, the burning of tires and all that coming RIGHT back to bun Ramhadahr in he ass. The man's on Facebook apparently and "frennen" ONE SETTA gyual (watch all the other UNC MPS eh, they doing it too, ONE setta young girl with "sexy pics") You think we stupid?

Get OFF YOUR ASS and do some work.

The ONLY people doing any stinking work is the COP people. Anil reopen Wallerfield for racing, good move, tour the Tarouba Stadium and basically LAID it out that Fellas, big steups, we broke in this Ministry you hear? Dooks already sound off, Treasury in a mess and we have PLENTY wok to do. All Jack could FUCKING do is open the PBR from 4am to 6am WHEN NOBODY ON THE FUCKING ROAD! This government start bad. I have more ranting to do. But suffice to say, we need to start making noise. I have one more post that will rock your world* related to this. Stay tuned.

a note on the picture. That particular "Jack-in-the-box" is under a recall since 2003. See more here. How appropriate! :)

*or at least make you go hmmmm

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