Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well thank God Trevor Sayers lost his deposit.

Remind me to tell you all how I know this man. But not now, now let's look at the intital results.

PNM Strongholds remain PNM strongholds . PNM "tillah Dead" Point Fortin surprised me actually. I'll have to look at the official EBC numbers but from what I gathered from the news, its been a close call. San Fernando was a surprise, but more surprising was that Diego Martin went PP. I feel the PP would have gotten more in POS had the COP been given a chance to run there. Just my thoughts on the matter. (NOT Trevor Sayers mind you) I really DO believe that man's going up caused a SIGNIFICANT number of COP people to stay away from voting. As I had said before the GE: low voter turn out means that strongholds remain strongholds. In this case the PNM voters ACTUALLY stayed away from voting. This could be one reason for the wins in Tunapuna and Diego Martin.

Just a thought.

Now as usual I am calling on the Government to START the process to reform both the Constitution (as promised) AND as a result Local Government. Remember this will be all for naught if the system remains as it is, it just shows that the UNC would rather keep the status quo under the guise of "Power to the People" and go along happily.

I would NOT really want a repeat of 1990 thank you very much. This time this PP Government needs to be in it for the long haul and the PNM needs to come out of the 18th century slave master mentality and evolve or die.

I'll speak further on the LGE when I get the results. Till then, keep your ears on the ground and listen for the thunder.

Oh and I'm going to be writing about the 1990 coup just to let you all know why the PP needs to be careful. Stay tuned for that.

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