Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cracks in the wall

So here's the deal. Our Prime Minister, a month into her office, has decided to put us into another election. Ok, so LGEs have been long in coming, but I think it could have waited a few more months. The simplest explanation, and I am by no means a political analyst, is that the PM is trying to do what Patos did, try to catch the Opposition off guard. What she has done, however, is expose the seedy underbelly of the People's Partnership. The whole "Jobs for the Boys" attitude that I spoke about in my last post, is the axel that this wheel is running on.

To secure the UNC's strength as a viable party, the PM hopes to win ALL of the seats against the PNM in the local constituencies. Where in a NORMAL scenario this might make sense, the People's Partnership is by no means "normal."

We have the COP and the other "orbiting" parties that come into play. TOP is out of this one as they have to fight THA elections POSSIBLY in 2012. So in the end the UNC is faced with the question: What do we do with these little COP people who feel they bigger than they are?

The Answer? Bury them.

I have heard from a reliable source that the UNC officials organising the LGE this time around have firstly failed to show for meetings with the COP and others and have, when meeting, maintained that "We don't need you anymore, we will fight LGE on our own against any member you put up." Discussions are still happening but as f the writing of this post, the UNC wants 80-90% of the councils and the COP can have the rest (the PNM held areas like POS etc)

Like the PM putting Jack in the Co-Pilot's chair, the LGE is signaling the UNC's intention NOT to use this as an opportunity for growth, but as an opportunity for greed. Its an unholy mess. The UNC internally cannot exist without Warner AND with Kamla's popularity running out of gas as time moves on, the UNC NEEDS the other members  of the coalition just as much as they need them.

However the whole greedy nature of the UNC people have started to come through. They won, Patos is out, screw you COP and NJACK and MSJ people, WE IN CHARGE.

PNM style nepotism all over again.

I had a chance to meet the Councillor for a council on the east west corridor, I will not name names. But he's renting an apartment below his house and he ONLY managed to build these apartments because he's been "skimming" off the top for little things here and there from infrastructural developments in the area he's in. He had told me that the back of the house wasn't finished because he needed to wait to see what new projects are in the pipeline in the area so he can "get some more things to finish up." You believe this corruption?? He's been in there since the UNC was in power! Are we going to put another one like him in!? Now mind you he's a nice guy and he DOES do a lot for his community, his area is clean and relatively developed as far as East-West corridor places are "developed" so can you really fault the man for taking a little thing here or there to fix himself up?

I think stealing is stealing. That's what I think.

The UNC doesn't want the "new politics" peddled by the COP on the Local level because:


Under the PNM the UNC people had to survive SOMEHOW because yes this business of Government is just that. . . a BUSINESS and this is how they did it. The whole thing blew up in their faces when the "Sheriff" (who himself was a councillor steeped in the same corruption) put the whole stinking mess on the news with his "gun toting" antics and HE was labeled the "Best Minister!" Go figure.

The PNM is right, the darn LG NEEDS reform, the whole bloddy system needs reform! You think that's going to happen if the People's Partnership starts to crack internally because some small minded greedy individuals want to keep the status quo?

This is the beginning of the end. Where does it stop? when does the wheel of corruption grind to a halt?

Maybe never.

I guess we DO get the Governments we deserve.

We fight on.

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