Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Centering Your Breathing in Yoga

I hear a lot of people complaining about being "Pissed" I have been there, I am STILL there in a way, that's why I write this blog, so that I can journal some of my thoughts. Yes they can go very deep, but in the end we're not into being superficial, we want the answers. lol Well the FIRST thing I have learned while thinking is that to successfully think, you need to clear your mind. Sounds confusing? It isn't only with clarity of mind will you received that thought that once eluded you. Being calm and centered should be everyone's goal. Its not easy, but it should be tried!

How do I clear my mind? By centering my breathing. Now let me warn you, this isn't as easy as it sounds AND it takes practice. But let's make a start eh?
The process of centering one’s breath is called ‘Pranayam’ in Yoga. Pranayam is extremely powerful technique of ancient yoga. The concept behind this breathing exercise is quite simple. In the process of breathing exercise, one has to maintain a rhythm of breath. When the air moves in the body, it creates harmony. This harmony creates a healing effect, and therefore, it is very good for the body. . .
. . . When you perform initial exercises, you will notice the benefits in a day of two only. The first effect of centering of breath is that your mind will become very calm. When you practice the advanced techniques, you can never suffer from severe cough, cold and a lot of other diseases.So, the process of centering yoga is quite simple yet extremely powerful. Those who perform Pranayam on regular basis rarely fall ill.
Here's what you do:
  1. Sit with your back straight in a comfortable chair, NOT a lazy-boy or soft armchair. You can do this lying down BUT its better to do it sitting. If you lie down you WILL fall asleep, and if that's your goal, cool. :)
  2. Put your hands in your lap one hand in the other. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Place your feet firmly on the floor, flat and relaxed.
  4. Take a NORMAL breath and on the exhale breathe ALL the way out as much as you can. Then
  5. fill your lungs all the way up by breathing in normally but exhaling when you have filled your lungs.
  6. Do not PANT. Do not Breathe HARD. Just breathe normally. In and out, exhaling all the way, breathing IN all the way.
When you do this a couple of times start concentrating on your breathing. The exhale and the inhale is ALL you're going to be concerned about. Feel your chest rise and fall. Feel your feet's contact with the floor, your shoulders relaxing, your body relaxing as you concentrate on your breathing.

Do this for five minutes. (believe me it will not seem long after you do it a few times)

Now here's the HARD part. You have to stop thinking. You will discover that when you do this exercise you will notice ALL the thoughts running through your head, a cacophony of noise that you never actually LISTENED TO, but is there impacting on your brain. "DidIturnoffthestove.didIputthecatout.Mybackitches.Ishouldhavepaidthatbillbefore.whyisitsohot?hasfiveminuteselapesed?Iwanttolookatmywatch.Dumdeedumdeedummdaddada. . ." And so on. When you begin the excercise this is normal. The practice comes in IGNORING these thoughts and thinking only of the breathing.

But what happens next? When you stop thinking you start calming down. You start relaxing and your brain starts resting. 5 minutes of this every morning will help you deal with the day better.

Trust me.

Now stop thinking and go breathe! :)

excerpt taken from www.maniacsportfan.com

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