Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wither Rowley

Everyone asking "Wither Dookeran?" and "Wither Panday" etc etc. But what I would like to know is:

Where is Mr Rowley?

He's been noticeably absent from the platform thus far. Hes been nominated and he's going up, but not a peep on the ground in Diego Martin about Mr Rowley. Now I'll be honest here, if Rowley weren't PNM I'd vote for him! (Sounds bad doesn't it?) But hear me out, hear the thoughts: Rowley is a well spoken, up in your face, no nonsense individual, who is tough and though always looking vex, we've seen times when he has laughed and looked less like the nickname they give him. In fact SOME people claim to be friends with him on Facebook, and he doesn't seem to have a separate person dong his posting, because he has been known to come on at odd hours and post infrequent personal things. This kinda shows that maybe Mr Rowley really does think the people are important. But from what I've heard on the ground in his constituency is that if a war were to break out tomorrow you'd want him covering you as you storm the pill boxes! (Go look it up, its a World War two thing (showing my age maybe??))

So Wither Rowley? Not at all. Maybe he's the secret weapon, maybe Patos waiting till things start looking REALLY desperate (they anymore desperate than they are now? I see they rescinded the deportation order on the UNC advisor) he'll unleash the "Rottweiler" (I think that's unfair to call the man that, so from now on I'll call him Rowlie. :) Remember what I said. . . Rowley is the ace in the hole. Will he "hang Jack?" we have to wait and see . . .

And now for a little election interlude:

(oh he's gone btw. . . more thoughts to come)

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