Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Mother of All Battles

So I heard a little rumor today that Patos callin his election on 17th May. That's almost two months away. Can I handle another 6 weeks or more of noise, placarding, tomfoolery and bill posting and environment destroying paper wastage this time around? I'll tell you something I can deal with it as long as I know at the end of it it brings an end to PNM rule. . .


You hear me? FOREVER! So all that mudslinging, pain and suffering has to have some fruit and this time around someone in the COP should tell good ol Dooks, run for your seat, win and then we go make you Minster of Finance or something, because like the man or not, is Kamla who go win this election! If Kamla not in the leadership front in this thing, PNM win for sure! You don't have to go far to see the sentiment you know! "Kamla for PM" "Kamla is de best!" "I voting Kamla!" are common sentiments expressed in the papers and on the streets.

But youse STILL an asshole is you think like that!

I go tell you why. In the end Kamla may be the leader but its the REPRESENTATIVES who you will have to deal with AFTER the election, the one's you should be concentrating on. In other words this damn shit called "Voting party and voting leader" should stop. Is your "representatives" NOW, who playing the ass. . . so. . .


You might as well be voting race if you do that!

We too damn stupid in this country! This is why the PNM keeps winning. They vote race yes, but party too and leader as well! Not who can do the job, but who can take the best on the hustings! You tink patrick go talk shit on the political platforms, like he talking now? Of course not, is milk and honey and the promised land for all from now till that magical date of 17th May. (IF that's the date!) and YOU will run like lemmings to vote. "Ah sorry boss, why did I ever doubt you! Vision 2020 IS a reality! we WILL be all prosperous by that magical year!"

lol All I can do is laugh yes. Reminds me of the Simpsons' episode when Homer went to vote between Quimby and Sideshow Bob. Even though he KNOWS Bob will kill Bart if elected. . .he votes him on ISSUES! lol "When are people going to realise that Democracy just doesn't work!"

Ok here's my prediction:

Manning going to go to his No Confidence motion, with PNM-ites in the square, WITH permission this time and Police "Protection" and before the debate can open, he will. . .


and call the election date.

Think I'm thinking nonsense?

Lets see what happens.

Now stop thinking and go DO something!

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