Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God and Gravy get on the Train. . .

I listened to Mrs Persad-Bissesar's speech last night (I REALLY couldn't handle Patos, I tried, but after seeing poor Errol Fabien hawking Vision 2020, my Hart just wasn't in it!) Basically Kamla's doing what she did for the internal election (a winning formula?) She's stopped at being a Panday neophyte and beating up on the PNM and everyone else. She's encouraging all to become part of her plan to go "back to basics." Now Patos on the other hand, was in full election swing, firing shot after shot at the seemingly wavering opposition. While Kamla's talking about a "Ministry of the People" a rather lame attempt to provide the country a voice, that right now has no voice, Mr Patos says he's the "Most Vilified PM." And that he has turned this election into a war between Pharaoh and the Israelites, and he's Moses!

Kamla's sticking to issues. This is a good thing, however the issues are well known and unfortunately the speech, just like Patos, was very vague. What Kamla needs is the COP to GIVE her the meat to go on the bones. Kamla needs to start zeroing on solutions, not just repeating what we already know. How? How are we going to go back to basics Kamla? Its seems all pie in the sky right now. Nervous is the word I'd use to describe the UNC at this stage. Their supporters are wary. They've just come out of campaigning for her and Panday in an internal election, now that machinery needs to quickly re-tool and turn around to handle a General Election, and if Patos is to be believed, Local Government at the end of the year.

While we're on the subject of Panday. He was not there at the meeting. His days are done it seems. Will he "try a ting" with Ramesh during nominations? We'll have to wait and see.

Patos on the other hand hasn't said a word about the golden date of this election. Political Pundits are surmising that we're looking at a May 24th date as the latest he can hold the election. Patos and company answered back all their detractors by putting God on their side. This is an OLD tactic and unfortunately its usually 100% effective. These people fear God (and their pastor) more than anything. The immediate equating of God to a Battle in their eyes is easy to digest and EASY to keep the fuel going. If you're not with us you're against God himself. In the end, the pNM say, God HAS provided (houses, schools, GATE etc.) and if you DON'T vote us back in, God will forsake you. . .

This is scary yo. While I fear God, I fear Manning more if you ask me! And what he's doing in this election from his opening volley is even MORE scary.

Meanwhile Pato's wife, who they have claimed doesn't live with him anymore since she found him in the Palaces' pool with Karen Nunez-Texiera, said she loves her husband and in doing so loves the people. Everything is being centered around Patos because he's God! This is an election of faces, not of issues.

So far the opposition is still waffling.

The COP needs to step in now and give the jolt that the UNC needs. Kamla needs to appear firmer. answer the opening volley with a riposte. I think they have to remind Patos that the PEOPLE in an election is God. . . and the Real God Himself, in Heaven, doesn't take sides. . .

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