Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to get Registered to Vote.

I figured since I've thrown down the gauntlet and I'm encouraging everyone to get their friends and themselves registered to vote, I think I should provide a little help. So here is some useful steps on getting registered. I will repost the voting process in another post. Remember you need to get registered NOW because the EBC needs time to check the list and so on. If an election date is set for this May, you have ONLY maybe two weeks maybe three to get yourself registered! Don't be left out in the cold! And DON'T come to DeepThought and complain that the Government sucks. . . you didn't vote, suck salt.

Step one. Get yourself a ELECTRONIC BIRTH CERTIFICATE. This takes no time at all. Find out how to do this here.

Step Two. Find out WHAT constituency you live in and when you figure that out, look for the nearest EBC office for your district. USUALLY its in a borough or in the nearest large populated area. Here is the list of offices from the EBC. Find yours. Look at the opening hours. Get there EARLY. Get a form.

Step Three. Don't carry too much electronic junk with you. There are metal detectors that you have to pass through (security) Besides if you go early enough you won't have to wait long. Make sure you have ALL your documentation. You need the Electronic Birth Certificate, filled out form and anything else that the form tells you need to prove that you live where you live.

Step Four. You are APPLYING for an ID card. This puts you on the list of available services INCLUDING jury duty. Yes. Once you have your ID card you are now a citizen of T&T!

Step Five. Step up to the counter. Present your documents and they will tell you what to do next. You will have to take a picture and they take your height and eye color etc. I mean it IS an ID card!

They will most probably send someone to your house to verify you live there. Routine. And you will get your ID card pretty quickly.

Check the list or go here to see if you've been registered. If not call the EBC and let them know.

When you go to vote check the list again.

See how easy that was?

You need to find out more? Check the EBC's FAQ. Or get a ton load of info from

So STOP thinking and GO GET REGISTERED. Oh and take a friend too.

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