Monday, April 5, 2010

UDECOTT - Or how I learned to stop worrying and read the Uff report

If UDECOTT were in the Star Wars universe, (since apparently we've been on that bent lately) it would be the Construction Guild, or some other "private contractor" that would handle its building. There's apparently a lot of debate over that massive construction project, none so well put as Kevin Smith speaking through Dante and Randal in his move Clerks that in essence a project so massive as constructing a small moon, requires a lot more man power than the Empire's Imperial Navy could supply. So what we have is a SPECIALISED conglomerate, or "giant private contractor" overseeing the construction under control of the Imperial Navy led by Darth Vader and ultimately the Emperor. So ANY major decisions on procurement and so on would be handled by the "Private Contractor" and not by the ones on top. However if the project hit slow downs and deadlines were not met, Darth Vader arrived to "put you back on schedule."

So what does this all have to do with UDECOTT? Well simply put, the Death Star's "private contractor" IS UDECOTT! You see? The Empire wishes this massive project to be done, and doesn't REALLY care HOW its completed, it just HAS to be completed FAST! (so ultimately it can go and blow up planets and some-such!) You get my drift?

So let's look at NAPA through this "lens." NAPA is like the Death Star laser. That HAD to be finished FIRST or else the Emperor would have a giant moon that would just float and look menacing. NAPA is a "key" component in the whole VISION 20/20 plan. It pulls together more than one "ideal" that turns a third world country like ours into first world status. Education, Culture and Engineering. (Loosely) But the darned thing was taking too long to build. The Emperor needs that super laser! So he sends Darth Vader. . . and wow. Look at that. It's operational! You get my drift? All Calder Hart was to Manning is Darth Vader to the Emperor. He's the one making sure the Vision 20/20 gets done!

This is really oversimplifying the situation. Maybe even muddying it. But why was UDECOTT set up in the first place? Lets look at a little history. I pulled this from UDECOTT'S website, and when you pick apart the layers of propaganda bullshit you get two simple points. the SOLE reason for UDECOTT'S existence is to make vision 20/20 real and following that, to handle the things that the government can't handle through normal channels. Here's the text in full. In the end the whole idea of accountability and fairness and money well spent was thrown out of the window in order for the Emperor to get this stupid Battle Station operational in time! And those who said "That's no moon. . ." were basically reduced to ashes.

In the end only ONE man (as it has been now proven by the Uff inquiry) had total control, and who did he answer to? Only one man.

We all know who that is.

Its like Manning and co sat down and watched Star Wars and figured this is the blueprint for making themselves all powerful! I mean I can type "LOL" here but its no laughing matter. Its just plain craziness. I still don't know how all of us let this happen! Its mind boggling.

In the end we can NEVER let this happen again.

Vision 20/20 isn't about infrastructural development. I read our presentation to the UN and nowhere did the T&T government (Otherwise known as GORTT

) say that big massive buildings were going to be a solution to poverty alleviation and education.

No where.

But what's the next step? If and when we vote them out, what do we do?

That requires more thinking and I'll be back with a few thoughts.

Now stop thinking and go DO something!

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