Monday, June 21, 2010

Raising the Angostura Bitters

So I was sent this a few days ago and thought it worthy to share. Trini's constantly look for ANYTHING that smacks of home and one thing that ALWAYS smacks of home is having a bottle of Angostura Bitters. I was once told by a bar man in Paris that he had a bottle of the stuff and had NO idea what it was for. It was just collecting dust on the shelf as decoration. Well the ENGLISH seemed to have more luck using it. The writers and producers of "Raise the Titanic" worked it in to the script to give the scene some Cornwall "local flavour" but isn't it cool for it to be said in a movie? Trinidad should spend more time catalouging things like this and using it to put ourselves on the map.

Too bad this movie was BAD. (The book wasn't that good either) Come to think of it NONE of Mr Cussler's books are that good. . . lol check it out here:


  1. HI, i can't seem to see the clip for some reason so will look for it elsewhere on the web. I also started a blog, please go to it and feel free to comment, add anything related to our bitters or food and drink related. Share with your friends and followers also. Thanks.

  2. How bad could the movie be? Its got Obiwan Kenobi in it after all!

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