Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I have decided to remove this blog. After careful consideration I have neither the time nor the energy to continue to write. My arthritis also has played a major factor in stopping me from writing. So by February 1st of 2011 I will be removing this blog. I thank all my followers and my readers for supporting me, and I hope to meet you up somewhere else in the internet-verse. I am going to enjoy my Grands and stop worrying about the politics and the stupidity that is this twin island republic of T&T.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Adieu.

think about that.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lifehacks - making your life easier.

If you enjoyed my previous entry on how to make money with a Sports Almanac and a De Lorean, you'd like this one even better! This infographic gives you the best ways to "hack your life" and make it easier. If you enjoy this post, click the like button and let everyone know!

Click HERE to to read the full thing. Infographic via Geekologie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why going back in time won't make you money on a sure bet.

So you got yourself a time machine and a copy of a Sports Almanac from 1950-2010 (in T&T it would be a Cricket Almanac but these days you don't need to bet on the West Indies, you KNOW what the outcome's going to be anyway. :)) But if you DO have an American football Almanac and you DID go back through time. . . lol not as sure as you'd think. Check out the info-graphic below.

The McFly Scheme: Time Travel Sports Betting

Source: Time Travel Sports Betting

Now I have a counter idea. Why travel back to 1950? Just travel back a year to the previous season, bet and put the winnings in a bank account. If you do that 5-6 times going back 5 years and betting bigger amounts. You would have an account already open in the future with the winnings.

Hmmm something to think about?

Maybe the whole time paradox thing might come into play here. . .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well thank God Trevor Sayers lost his deposit.

Remind me to tell you all how I know this man. But not now, now let's look at the intital results.

PNM Strongholds remain PNM strongholds . PNM "tillah Dead" Point Fortin surprised me actually. I'll have to look at the official EBC numbers but from what I gathered from the news, its been a close call. San Fernando was a surprise, but more surprising was that Diego Martin went PP. I feel the PP would have gotten more in POS had the COP been given a chance to run there. Just my thoughts on the matter. (NOT Trevor Sayers mind you) I really DO believe that man's going up caused a SIGNIFICANT number of COP people to stay away from voting. As I had said before the GE: low voter turn out means that strongholds remain strongholds. In this case the PNM voters ACTUALLY stayed away from voting. This could be one reason for the wins in Tunapuna and Diego Martin.

Just a thought.

Now as usual I am calling on the Government to START the process to reform both the Constitution (as promised) AND as a result Local Government. Remember this will be all for naught if the system remains as it is, it just shows that the UNC would rather keep the status quo under the guise of "Power to the People" and go along happily.

I would NOT really want a repeat of 1990 thank you very much. This time this PP Government needs to be in it for the long haul and the PNM needs to come out of the 18th century slave master mentality and evolve or die.

I'll speak further on the LGE when I get the results. Till then, keep your ears on the ground and listen for the thunder.

Oh and I'm going to be writing about the 1990 coup just to let you all know why the PP needs to be careful. Stay tuned for that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's see how far the rabbit hole goes

Today is voting day for the LGE.

Go out and vote for the councillor who YOU think will best do the job and ALWAYS be vigilant, the system that's in place for the LG, definitely NEEDS reform. Push for that and push for constitutional reform!

This is the only way we can see a better T&T!

Stop thinking and go do!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Death. . .

"Be not proud, for some have called thee mighty. . ."

Prize goes to anyone who can name the poem and the author! But on to more serious matters. A big hullabaloo has emerged in the past week over the resumption of the death penalty. Jack, started it, as Jack seems to be the leader of the "loose ships sink ships" society, the other is:

I rest my case. But moving to the matter of death. I say kill them all. That's the ONLY way to rid this country of the menace of gang warfare! Kill those sons of bitches they deserve to fucking die. I mean how can you chop up someone and throw them away like garbage?! I mean WHAT THE FUCK! Kill em, hang em high!

We got justice when we hung Dole Chadee and his gang! They deserved it! The misery that they wrought, the families are still suffering to this day because of those evil men! Thank God when they were hanged the hangman said he'd need years of therapy to get over what he did. God bless the witnesses who saw the shit spill from their bowels as in the momenet of asphixiation their muscles relaxed. I spit in the face of you Dole Chadee and your family, some who were young enough to be in school, who murdered in cold blood, how do you like it at the age of 18 you're struggling to breathe as the stench of shit, piss and sweat assails your nostrils but you can't take a breath? I say it GOOD FOR YOU! Die fucking pig. You've murdered and raped your last.

We'll turn your house into a rehab center for the drug addicts YOU caused by the peddling of drugs that created smaller little gangs all over. We destroyed your empire when you were the emperor and you contorlled the gangs all over the country. No longer would people look up to you, but look at your grave and say, he was a bad man for organising all those gangs and making his money off ill gotten gains. Millions from corrupt practices and creating a community and a network the country has never seen, and will never see again.

For now the little boys who's fathers you paid and made rich, now kill their own to fill the vacuum of the power that has disappeared. Its civil war in the streets of T&T. 10 years of it and more. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. The barbarians who were kept in check seized the oppurtunity, and the massacre began. Fuck those innocents in the way.


Meanwhile the families STILL suffer. They go to bed at night weeping missing their loved ones and have to contend with the bloodlust of a nation hell bent on killing anyone who scares them shitless.

Fear controls and dictates. Fear turns to desperation when we cannot find an answer. The clocks ticking down and we haven't finished the exam yet. We just give up and do some killing in the name.

That will solve everything.

Do you know where a gang member comes from?

And who's a gang member?

Something to think about.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jack Warner and Roger Joseph Made a deal

I got this today in an email. . . I think the PP has duped us. . .

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